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Photos not uploading - again

Anyone else struggling to upload photos. Been trying since yesterday with no joy @technogoggles

I’ve just uploaded some Roz, no problem… have you tried signing out and back in again?

Just tried that - still no joy :unamused:. Will keep trying!

I found I had to do them one at a time yesterday, once the first one was uploaded I could set the second one going and it was fine but if I tried setting them all going at the same time it fell over so maybe try up loading them singly.

Yep, tried that too! Thanks anyway.

Hi Roz. I’ve just asked Support to check this for you and it doesn’t look like there are any problems with photos on the site. Could it be a slow internet connection?

Could be down to internet, have just managed to upload using my phone. I am having problems with internet at the moment - engineer here this morning, will try again once he’s gone!

Me too! It’s a more or less constant problem for me.

I haven’t had any problems the last few days I added new items and photos…

Think it’s ok now but no more to list so can’t check that it continues to behave!