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Seeing as you lovely people are so helpful, I wonder if you can help me get to grips with Pinterest. I joined a while back but haven’t really done anything much with it. I’m now trying to make a Folksy Friday board and I’m really struggling! I created the board and pinned some items to it. The board shows on my main page with a few of the items visible, however, when I click on the board, there’s nothing there. If I click on “pins” it shows all of the items and says they’re saved to that board but as soon as I go back to that board, they’re not showing. I don’t even know how to add a link to my Pinterest page or a link to the board here so that you can have a look. HELP!!!

OK - bizarrely everything suddenly became visible even though I didn’t do anything! Can anyone tell me how I can now post a link to the board on the Folksy Friday thread on this forum? I just don’t have a clue!

Just copy and paste the URL - I think that should work

I can’t even find the URL, Roz… and I’ve just clicked on the board again and the items have all disappeared again!! I’m starting to really dislike Pinterest!!

Are you on a mobile phone, or laptop/desktop? I can never seem to share my Pinterest board when on a phone to where I want it to go - it’ll share to my personal Facebook page but currently will not share to my business page (and isn’t supported to do so according to Pinterest help, which is annoying!).

If you’re on a laptop/desktop you can see the URL in your browser at the top of the page.

Thanks Liz. I’m on a laptop. I can see the URL now so I’ll try adding the link to the Folksy Friday thread. I just don’t get why when I click on the board my pinned items aren’t showing even though they’re saved to that board. Weirdly, if I right click and click “open in a new window”, the items are then visible on the board! I’m extremely confused!

Helen, I’ve had a similar problem with pins not being visible when I first add them. I find that going to a different webpage and then going back to Pinterest seems to ‘refresh’ things, for want of a better word, and they appear. :confounded:

Hopefully that’s all it is then. Thanks Alison.

Some web pages auto refresh to update with new posts (I’ve seen this with live coverage of the olympics and other sporting events) but not pinterest boards so you need to tell them to refresh to show new content by hitting the refresh arrow (the sort of circular looking one at the end of the url bar), you don’t need to navigate away from the page although as you found it has the same effect.

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