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Pinterest problem

(Kim Blythe) #1

Does anyone have any experience with Pinterest suspending your account?
I’ve tried to get on there today and it says my account has been suspended. I eventually found a way to contact them and I got an email saying:

Hi there,
If you’re seeing a message that your account is suspended, then we may have taken it down from Pinterest because of something you pinned. We don’t allow pins on Pinterest that are spammy or sexually explicit.
If you think we made a mistake, reply to this email and wed be happy to look into this for you.
Thanks for understanding,
The Pinterest Team

I have no idea what they are talking about…the last thing I pinned were a few fabrics that I had seen online and wanted to be able to go back and buy later on in the week…that’s mainly what I use it for. Most pins are either sewing or cat related!! Now I’m wondering if my account has been hacked…


(Diane Burton) #2

I would contact them from the website (don’t click on any email links in case it’s someone trying to get more details from you) and give your details with a copy of the message and ask them to tell you exactly which item has caused problems and why it’s caused problems.

(Kim Blythe) #3

Thank you…Yes, I have done that. I just got what I assume is an automated response telling me what I put in my original post. I have replied saying I think they have made a mistake as most of my pins are either sewing or cat related!..I haven’t heard any more so maybe there is no one there at the weekend, although someone suspended my account since last night.
Feeling a bit miffed that I have no idea what I’m supposed to have done to cause this to happen…

(Heidi Meier) #4

Hi - it could also be copyright related. I’ve read that if you pin an image and the original copyright owner complains, then all people who have pinned that item get the image taken down and in cases where there are many copyright infringements, then the account could be deactivated. Re the spamming issue, I read this recently: which explains how some people get their account deactivated if they ‘pin in the wrong way’. The article does say that Pinterest will get back to you eventually!

(Kim Blythe) #5

Thank you…yes I have been Googleing the problem and there seems to be another issue as well…they don’t like you to promote your business on there so if more than a certain percentage of your pins are promoting your business then they will de activate your account. They now have a Business account apparently, which I didn’t know anything about. However, I would be surprised if this is the issue as I only pin my new items on there which is maybe 1 a fortnight most of the time! Most of my pins seem to be related to fabric I like, or beads, buttons etc.
It all seems a bit extreme…you would think you would get a warning first!

(Heidi Meier) #6

It is a bit extreme isn’t it! Hope it gets sorted out soon though.