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Please could I borrow two minutes of your time?

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to win £8000 towards my business Compañera Ragdolls and I need your help! I haven’t had an online sale yet and this money would be amazing and really help me to make many improvements like grow my business and attract more customers with advertising, improve photographs, list more products etc. If you appreciate what I do would you mind taking a moment to follow the link and enter your email at he bottom of the page to cast your vote? The business with the most votes wins the prize. I would be so grateful to anyone who voted for me! :heart:

Thank you so much to all those who vote, please comment so that I can thank you personally :slight_smile: Also let me know if your business is on Instagram as I love to follow fellow crafters and see what they are selling.

Joanna xx

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Hi. I’m thinking there’s no replies as it’s for Etsy and not Folksy :blossom:


Just followed the link, all the best


Yes, it is a competition run by Etsy but I also advertise my dolls on Folksy :slight_smile: Other Etsy crafters will likely enter with their own shop so I am hoping fellow Folksy sellers will lend me their vote.

Your jewellery is very pretty, I particularly love the heart pendants :purple_heart:

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Thank you so much for that Sue, I really appreciate it :blush:

You sell some lovely paintings in your shop, also you must be very talented selling such a variety of crafts. All the best with your shop, I wish you lots of sales :smiley:

Thanks again for taking the time to vote xx

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Your welcome, thanks for your lovely commentsvon my craft
All the best

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Hi Joanna
I have voted for you Good luck.
I am on Instagram gemology_handmade

Thank you Annette, it means a lot :blush::heart:
I’ll try and find you on Instagram now :slight_smile: x

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I’ve voted - good luck :blush:

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Thank you so much Ali :blush::two_hearts:

I LOVE your shop! Your jewellery is so pretty and your photographs are stunning xx

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Thank you … I had some help with the pictures :grinning:


You got my vote good luck :blush::two_hearts:

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Thanks, it’s so kind of you to take the time to vote :blush: I really appreciate it.

All the best to you and the monkeys! :monkey_face: x

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Your welcome I like to help if I can be a great prize if you win x

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