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Feeling a little disillusioned, shop views going down


Just feeling a little disillusioned at the moment on here. I really think this is a nice site and will carry on doing my best but finding it hard to get views. I am promoting and have been going on different social media. At present my views are low and some days are zero.
I know I am not the only one, but how do you stay focused and encouraged. I know it has it’s ups and downs.
I’m working on some other ideas for my shop but feel if I can’t get people to the page it’s a catch 22.
Unless I constantly list or relist, I think it’s hard to be seen.

Just having a bad week!

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Hi Roxanne,

I have just posted a similar thread a little while ago. My views are very low too seems like our shops are invisible. Is your shop fairly new? if so I would stick at it I’m sure things will get better.

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Do you only sell online? If I only sold online I’d have given up years ago but because I sell at markets and do open studios I am normally making for those or working on commissions for people I’ve met at those, I look at online sales as a bonus. I make sure I have plenty of business cards to hand out then people know where to find my work inbetween events, I live in hope that they will buy online but seem to get emails along the lines of ‘I saw our work at … and is the pendant that sort of looked like… still available?’ instead. If you fancy trying a market you could have a look on to see what is in your area (not all markets are good but you can get some really useful feed back even at the bad ones).

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HI Sasha

I do craft fairs and similar and enjoy that as I love meeting people and it’s more personable. I have only sold online for a short while as wanted to have another presence. But can see how hard it is!
i’ll keep on trying.

HI Dawn.
Although I joined Folksy a few years ago I only tried for a short time and have just come back to Folksy recently.
I hope things improve for you too.

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It took me a long while to kick start my online sales - using Folksy and Etsy. Really hitting both these platforms from the beginning of last year I only really started getting sales from August onwards. Nothing as spectacular as selling in person but my sales online are growing.

I also got in contact with some small shops directly as a result of my presence here so those interactions have been rewarding and have increased my sales.

As of now I am reconsidering my position on Folksy. Views and therefore sales have dried up, excepting some items sold while on sale. As nice as Folksy is and as much as I want to support a British business I am having greater success on Etsy.

Give it some time, but be aware that you may need to move on.


Ill share my new blog post here. It goes into basic details some of my experiences with Etsy and Folksy this last year. This part is about views and the 2nd part will touch on my sales.


About my sales:

I need a platform that helps my international growth. Not sure how Folksy can do this.

@ChompStomp Hi Andy - interesting read because for me even though the bulk of the views over there are from the US the sales were all within the UK. For the items that I list in that shop I don’t think I necessarily need an international audience I just need a large audience so that they have heard of the material and appreciate it (I keep that shop for my fordite pieces). The americans are possibly being put off by the postage and therefore buying within the states whilst the UK shoppers either have to buy from me or pay the expensive US postage + customs charges. Do you think that your animal figures just appeal more to the american market compared to the UK one? (I’m thinking of the history that the native americans have of carving totems/ fetishes)

I think my totems may be popular with buyers from the States. My large ‘George’ figure has been more popular on Etsy, with British buyers even though it is listed on Folksy or has been.

If I do not list the same items on Etsy international views do not translate to sales. I think that most Folksy views come from active users/sellers, Those non organic views are not going to result in many sales, unfortunately.

I’ll be putting new pieces up on Folksy,with s hift in style to try at least to tap into what Folksy customers may want.

I wonder what Folksy staff think about people coming onto the Folksy Forum to adversely compare Folksy with a rival site. Personally, I think it’s quite rude, and I’m surprised they don’t remove them. If people are happy with Etsy and unhappy with Folksy, perhaps they should just go…

Hope I’m not stating the obvious or mentioning something you have tried already, but for the UK market it might be worth stocking some dogs as well as the cats. Some people like both, but many like either one or the other and having cats but no dogs in your shop may be leaving quite a big gap in the market. With dogs there are lots of opportunities to make different breeds as well.

Sam x

This is a discussion forum. This discussion regards shop views going down, One of many that are relevant because: Shop views are going down.

For my own part I am offering my thoughts and feelings based upon my experiences of Folksy and Etsy. My views on Folksy are stagnant whilst my views on Etsy are increasing. My sales on Folksy are down, my sales on Etsy are up. There is correlation there.

Buyers from overseas are not purchasing via Folksy but ARE buying the same product from Etsy.

My experiences are relevant to the discussion. Others have different experiences.

I will still be using Folksy as a sales channel but I may have to offer alternative product. If I cannot do this I may not use Folksy. (a relevant thought to bring to this topic).

It shouldn’t need saying but users voicing their concern and issues are better for Folksy than users who cancel and disappear. Starting a discussion generally leads to a consensus to continue.


I struggle with dogs. I have made canine based jewellery in the past.

It maybe that I double down and go all cats all the time! :slight_smile: CRAZY CAT MAN!

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Don’t know why but there are lots of people in the UK who collect pigs - could you do pigs? A pig dressed as a cat?


I can do pigs. A pig dressed as a cat may be good idea…If I make one Ill pass one your way.:slight_smile:


My sister collects pigs! It’s quite the thing…

Sam x

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at the risk of dragging this thread off topic I think I might be sold on pigs…

I’m easily swayed.


I think some people exaggerate their success on Etsy :slight_smile:

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Online sales area small component of my success (relative to my own metric). Online is something I think that i can be doing better with.

I would like to do better with Folksy and Etsy but the trend many shops are seeing here on Folksy is that of low views.

Again, for me personally I was seeing comparable views across both selling platforms yet this year has seen conversion improve on the other side. Success is relative. Again, Both sites were as successful for me last year but so far this year Folksy is behind.

Why are views so low for shops on Folksy?

I know I am doing more to try and promote my shop.

I’ll be adding more stock, which improves views.

I’ll be refreshing my stock. I have some new ideas from this very thread.