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Please take part in a short questionnaire for a new craft magazine?

(Craftmagazine) #1

Hello, I am currently working on an idea for a new craft magazine, I need some audience research to help me through the process. If you would take just five minutes of your time to fill in this short survey I would be very grateful. All answer will be confidential.
Thank you.

(Deborah Jones) #2

the link doesn’t work for me.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I’m a bit wary of clicking on links when I don’t know the person who’s posted it…

(OhMyFelt) #4

Ditto! Could be anything.
But I think Surveymonkey should be fine.
I don’t tend to sign up for them sort of things as you get junk email forever afterwards.

(Sian ) #5

I’ve edited the link so it works! @craftmagazine could you please tell us a bit more about this? Thank you :blush:

(Silvapagan) #6

I just did the survey and I have a couple of comments.

  1. Small age brackets and then “40 +”? 40 year olds are not the same as 80 year olds in their spending habits, I would suggest.

  2. I’d like a definition of “disposable income” and “free time” just so I could be sure that I was answering in the way you have posed the questions, and not using my own definitions which are probably very different to your own.

  3. You allow the responder to say they don’t buy magazines, but then you don’t ask them why. You might get some valuable feedback if you include that as a secondary question.

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #7

Done it :slight_smile:

(Angela Harpham) #8

I have completed it for you. hope it goes well.

(Iguana49) #9


(Jacqueline Austen) #10

Completed it. Hope the answers are useful.