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Pop up shops - anyone done them?

(Kim May) #1

I’ve been approached by our local Development Agency to take some space in a Pop up Shop that they will be doing for 18 months. It works out at £6.00 a day and I would be sharing it with three other people, so I would get a quarter of the shop floor and it’s quite a big shop on the main shopping street in the town. I would like to try it but wondered if anyone else has done this and is it worth it? I’ve never done a craft fair or market etc so don’t know how the charges compare.

(Diane Burton) #2

I usually pay between £5 and £20 for a stall at a craft fair (although I know there are plenty around here that charge a lot more) so £6 a day seems very reasonable but would you have other expenses (e.g lighting & heating) who will be advertising/promoting the shop? if you need to pay for newspaper adverts or flyers to let people know you’re there it can add up (you can’t just rely on passing footfall)

(Roz) #3

Hi, like Diane I usually pay around £5 - £25 for a days craft fair so the rate sounds OK. The only thing I would worry about if it was me was what the footfall was likely to be like and what the t&c’s are - what sort of time do you have to book for, a week/month at a time - I assume you are not thinking of the whole 18 months :), do you have to be present in the shop for part/all of the time? What are the insurance provisions - do you need to provide your own etc etc. I did a pop up shop in Norfolk in July - a week cost me £90 - and I really enjoyed it. I made quite a bit over the week, I was staying with a friend so had no accommodation costs and took the week as leave from my normal job. I would do it again next year.

(Helen Smith) #4

£6 a day sounds a good rate, I’d usually pay £30+ for a stall at a decent fair.

But what about the rest of the arrangements? Do you have to be there in person? In which case it’s not just £6, but £6 plus your daily rate. I know I’m quite slow at sewing but your prices look on the low side to me, once you have accounted for the time and materials for making them how much is left to cover the costs of being in the shop? You’d need to work out how much you’d need to sell to cover it and then work out if you have time to make enough stock if you are spending time in the shop.

Having said all that it could be a really great experience, good luck with whatever you decide!

(Heidi Meier) #5

Sounds fantastic - give it a go! Provided there are no hidden costs etc, as has already been pointed out, it seems a great opportunity. Who know where it may take you - keep us informed about how it goes if you decide to go for it!!

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #6

I’ve taken part in a pop up shop once- we didn’t have a fee for being there but she took commission. I did quite well, but make sure you come to some sort of agreement over when you get your earnings as it took me 3/4 months of chasing up to get the rest of my stock and money. I think I was just un-lucky but it’s something I’ll deffo’ be checking up on in the future if similar situations occur.

(Robyn Mc Clean) #7

sounds brilliant, with loads of space , id be on that like a shot ! always worth a try !

(Leathermeister) #8

Sounds great value £6.00 per day, ask questions about time you need to spend in the shop, additional costs etc. Talk to the development agency are they covering electric, rates etc
Go and have a look at the shopping centre who is currently shopping there what are shops there.
Consider how much time you need to produce your items, can you set up and work in the shop or will you be up half the night making. How much stock do you have if you sold 50 bags in the morning how would you be off for stock in the afternoon because I have seen some crafters at events in towns where there has been a great deal of interest but after a couple hours they didn’t have any stock to carry on. How much money are you prepared to commit to stock given that if you don’t get hoped for sales then you could be left holding a great deal of product.
It sounds like a great opportunity and better value than a craft fair and the opportunity to leave your display up is good too.
Good luck with this venture.

(Kim May) #9

No overheads or hidden extras. The local Council are setting this up and paying for electric, insurance etc. It’s also being advertised in the local newspapers and the only thing they ask is that I do some promoting of it on Facebook etc. just to get the word out there.

(Kim May) #10

Thanks, yes I will give it a go and I’ll keep you informed how it goes one way or the other.

(Kim May) #11

There are no additional costs so that’s a bonus as they local Council will cover everything. I know the shopping centre well as it’s my local town where I live,(Torquay) so I already know it get’s really good footfall. And I would have a couple of months to build my stock up first.

In fact I’ve just talked myself into doing it!

(Leathermeister) #12

Kim it sounds great go for it. Fortunately you have a couple of months to make loads of stock. One advantage you have over craft fairs is lugging everything too and from the car every day except for new stock.
Post some of your pictures and let us know how it goes.

(Pauline Hayward) #13

Where in Torquay is the Pop up shop @kaymay. I live in Exmouth and might be interested.

(Diane Burton) #14

Sounds like a great opportunity :slight_smile:

(Kim May) #15

Hi pauline,

It’s in Union Street. The lady running it got in touch with me by e mail but here’s the link

(Pauline Hayward) #16

Hi @kaymay it’s not the old s-mart shop is it? That’s the only big place I can think of on union street.

(Kate Adams) #17

Hi @kaymay,

Your pop-up shop sounds like a wonderful experience, and the £6 a day (everything included) offer is really good value. Wishing you the best of luck and it would be great to hear how well it went :blush:

I would love to participate a pop-up shop, but there never seems to be the opportunities where I live in Hampshire…or they are far too expensive! We have plenty of vacant spaces, but they just seem to be left empty while the agent looks for the next tenant. I was just wondering whether anyone has any experience of approaching a local letting agency or landlord to try and negotiate setting up a pop-up shop? Any tips would be great :blush:

(Allison Jill Reid) #18

I’m getting ready to take some stall space in a pop up shop in Basingstoke organised by All Our Own Crafts. There’s no rent to pay but 20% commission and a commitment to work in the shop for a few hours each week. I have spent £50 on Public Liability Insurance in preparation for this. I wonder how these terms compare to the £6 per day fee?

(Kate Adams) #19

Hi Allison,

I suppose it depends on how much you sell each day. If you sell £200 of products, it would mean giving away £40 in commission…saying that some shops charge a lot more to sell your items…up to 60%! Plus it’s also about the experience, you will have the opportunity to meet your potential customers face to face, talk about your products and get some valuable feedback. As long as you are still making a profit, this could be great fun and help you to develope your products, sales pitch, etc.

When people get to meet the creator of something they are going to purchase and can see how passionate they are about their craft, they are far more likely to make that purchase.

Good luck, I hope you have a lovely experience and make loads of sales :blush: