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Postage advice

(Jl Khandknits) #1

I have come back to selling on folksy after a break and was wondering if you could advise on whether it is worth selling outside uk as well as within it. I assume it would increase number of customers but wondered what peoples experience is with this. Please could you offer some advice.

(Kylie Tilley) #2

I havent had anyone buy something out of the uk yet, just make sure the postage is covered by going on royal mail postage cost. I put it outside uk simply because im on alot of american based craft websites so i can offer it if they wanna buy

(Stephanie Guy) #3

It depends where your promotional efforts will be spent, but most social media is worldwide so I’d say yes, offer international postage. Make sure you charge enough though, I’ve come undone that way before!

(Diane Keeble) #4

I occasionally have a sale to the US so it is worth it. Postage went up recently so do make sure you charge enough x

(Jo Sara) #5

If you’re willing to post overseas, then add the postage in. You’ve got nothing to lose. I don’t get a lot on here, but I’ve had one recently which if I didn’t have that postage option there I would have missed out on. It’s not too hard to send abroad. Just make sure if you’re sending outside the EU to fill in a customs label CN22 and stick it on your parcel, and for all parcels stick some blue Airmail stickers on (both available from the post office counter).

Here’s the Royal Mails’s latest price guide with some info on the size the parcels can be. The postage is charged by weight so you’ll need to know roughly what you’re final packed up parcel will weigh -

I would add a guestimated delivery time to your confirmation emails. My guide to the US is 7-14 days, Australia is up to 3 weeks, and to Europe is around 7 days. That way I’m pretty covered for most slight delays.

Hope that all helps.


(Jl Khandknits) #6

Thank you for your assistance. I think I will add postage outside uk onto listings.

(Minerva) #7

It can be intimidating at first but you’ll get used to it if you choose to ship overseas. If you are sending high value items, it’s best to look into tracking and signature on delivery. You’ll find the infomation in the RM site. Keep your receipts for shipping so if anything gets lost you might be able to claim compensation from the post office. But packages don’t get lost that often.

(Brenda Cumming) #8

I have sent a few to countries outside the UK . I always list international postage because you never know who is looking. Also when I sell something on other sites, my Folksy details are on my business card and I send paintings all over the world…Got to spread the word…

(Liz Clark) #9

Also make sure your insurance for your items covers you. My policy currently doesn’t cover me for the US.

(Esterina Kearse) #10

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone could check my shop if I am charging enough for postage regarding my greeting cards.

Esterina :sunny:

(Denise Hayes) #11

@Craftaholic, we can’t help with that - you need to know what they weigh (and sometimes the thickness of international postage) and decide which category they fall into with RM, then decide how much to add for packaging etc. or if you want to at all. Every seller has to decide for themselves what they are happy charging for postage. Some charge the cost, some add a packaging element, some undercharge then add the rest to the item price.

I add 65-70p for packaging on top of the RM price. My additional items postage is usually half the 1st item postage price which depending on what they have bought, either just covers me to the next price band, or I refund the overage.

(Illustration + Ceramics) #12

I agree that we can’t really advise. However, .62p for any item posted seems very low to me. Mecki

(Brenda Cumming) #13

Craftaholic…that is not enough postage…for starters you have only charged for your stamp…and bearing in mind you might need to use a LARGE stamp to send them then you are already out of pocket…THEN you have to remember that it is postage and PACKING ! you haven’t allowed for the outer envelope to post the cards in…
I think it fair to ask £1 per item. I ask £1 for my tiny paintings, because I have to put them in a polybag, and a small envelope, then an envelope to post them in…no one has ever said that I am asking too much and they all fit into an A6 envelope (that I make myself).
Hope that helps…no good selling cards at a loss, even if you enjoy making them… I have some hand painted cards in my shop and to cover my feeling of guilt (lol) I sell them in pairs…

(Esterina Kearse) #14

Thank you for all your advice. I think I will go and look at my postage costs in more detail xx.