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Do International Sales Make a Difference?

I don’t post internationally, only in the UK, but I’m wondering lately whether it is worth doing. I see lots of sellers on here offer international postage- do you get much business from selling abroad?

I would love to hear about anyone’s experience with this.

Also, is there any advice out there as to how to go about calculating an appropriate postage cost, and how you actually go about posting to an non-UK address (sorry, it’s a silly question I know!)

Thanks :slight_smile:

I offer international postage but not had to send abroad.

I went to the post office with a few bits and asked how much it would cost.
Hope that helps.

Hi Jennie Mead…

I offer postage all overseas…my most sales just of late were to the USA for a customer…there are a few buyers from abroad who like to buy on folksy so i would offer prices…hope this helps x

use the royal mail online calculator for costing to ship anywhere. Get a standard fee for items you offer in different colours so essentially same weight and size and just use same postage fee for all those items.


It’s definitely worth selling internationally! I’ve sold lots all over the world, I sell lots to Europe and Australia from my Folksy shop and lots to the USA and Canada with my shop on the other side.

I do as Paul does with the postage. The Royal Mail online postage calculator is really useful. If I overcharge any postage, I just refund the overpayment via PayPal.

Natalie x

It is very easy to post overseas ,ask your postoffice for a few customs declaration and airmail stickers , so you have them to hand when you need them.
Any where outside Europe needs a customs sticker .

I don’t get many over seas sales from my Folksy shop compared to Et.y but still a few. 1 last week to Australia and one yesterday to Belgium.
People who see your social media promotion can be absolutely anywhere, why deny them treats? :slight_smile:

The most expensive thing I’ve sold on folksy went to the states but I don’t get many non uk sales via folksy (majority of my sales on the other side go to the sates). I didn’t have international shipping on that item at the time and she emailed me and asked if I would ship to the USA so if someone likes the item enough they will ask. I use the royal mail postage calculator to work out how much it will cost, I ship international tracked and signed for so that its insured and I can follow it around the world, you need to fill in a CN22 customs form (really easy, print off from the RM website) and make sure you put your return address on it.

I have only sold in the UK on folksy but on the other site two of my largest orders went to the USA :slight_smile:

I have had quite a few sales abroad, USA, Canada, Spain etc on Folksy and also in my E… shop. I just send 1st class Air Mail and everything has always arrived safely (touches wood).

I get a few on here and plenty elsewhere - I total I must have sent 50 to 60 items overseas in last couple of years. Nothing lost so far but USA post can take a while to get through. Whereas I know my customers in Japan have received items in about 5 days!

Not that many on here BUT did have one to USA on/just after ‘Black Friday’

Definitely worth doing :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. I’ve had no sales abroad on folksy at all. I recently changed my postage prices for eu,usa etc…so maybe I’ll have a rethink.
@TheMeadsCraftHouse hi I’m Claire mead, I’ve never met another mead except my own family -so hi :slight_smile:

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My quickest delivery abroad was 3 days for some gloves to arrive in Canada, they got there quicker than a card I sent to my parents down south by 1st class post!

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Hi Claire, I would lower your international postage costs as your items are not large or heavy and your prices for goods are under £20 each. I charge £1.50 for UK, £3.00 for EU countries and £4.00 for the rest of the world and that covers packaging too. I don’t send signed or tracked as my items are not too expensive.

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I’ve had a couple of lovely sales from Canada.
I think it’s definitely worth offering international postage.

I worked out the postage on the Royal Mail website and I send as international Standard to keep postage costs abit lower. I did send tracked once and paid more, but I lost track of the parcel on its journey and couldn’t check it had arrived so it seemed a waste of money to me.
It must have arrived as I’ve not heard from the customer.
Also the nice lady at the post office gave me some CN22 & air mail stickers.

I think for higher priced items I would look at sending tracked for piece of mind but for now I’m happy with international standard service…

Right I’m off to feed my little Guinea piggy now. Catch u later


I just had a biggish order from the USA.


About 20% of my sales this year have been international, mostly U.S. some to Australia and Europe, but none of them from this site. It’s very odd. In nearly 180 sales here only 2 have been international and they were ages ago. Over a year, might be over 2 years ago.

Yes I think it’s worth doing. I do international postage on some of my items, I’ll eventually get round to adding it to everything in my shop. I already do international from other sites and get all my prices from Royal Mail. I have a printout of weights and sizes etc for UK, Europe, zone 1 and zone 2. I weigh at home using regular kitchen scales.

It’s really not much different to shipping within the UK (except for the customs form for non-EU countries) … so you don’t have much to lose by offering it.

I ship a lot of international orders (but my Folksy orders are mainly UK only) so customers overseas are certainly willing to pay to have items shipped from afar! :smile: I don’t use tracking unless the item requires added insurance (which comes with tracking automatically).

In fact I just got back from a mammoth posting spree … most of it international … £99.75 worth of postage. Eeek (my receipt is basically loo roll sized)!!


I have everything listed as international on both sites, but here I get only UK customers anyway, whereas on the other shop about 30% of my sales go overseas.

When you do get a sale it’s easy to look up the code for the CN22 sticker

Thanks for you replies everyone :slight_smile: I think this is definitely something I will look into now. Like a lot of you have said I have nothing to lose from it but a bit of time maybe. My thoughts had been that I don’t like buying much from abroad because I’m too cheap to pay for the extra postage :stuck_out_tongue: and I like to buy British- but maybe people from across the world like to buy British too. Again thanks for your advice everyone, it’s much appreciated!

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