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Posting to America

Hi - Does anyone post to America? If so, how much is a small parcel that would cost £3.20 in England? I don’t usually sell abroad but someone in Texas wants to buy from me. I’ve looked online but there seem to be several different prices and it’s a bit confusing. Would be grateful for help from someone who often posts there.

Hi Martine,

I post parcels to the US all the time. Not quite sure what a £3.20 parcel is though. Would that be the £3.35 first class up to 1kg?

With America you need to get the weight a bit more precise. This is the table of prices for International Standard Mail (to the US, which is World Zone one on the pricing table which is the service I always use.

Parcel weighing up to -
100g - £4.20
250g - £5.10
500g - £7.80
750g - £10.40
1kg - £13.05
1.25kg - £14.65
1.5kg - £16.35
1.75kg - £18.05
2kg - £19.75

And don’t worry that it all looks a bit pricey, I find the Americans are quite realistic about how much things cost to post across the water.

Another thing with sending a parcel to the US is you’ll need a CN22 customs form for the front, which you can get from the post office (need to tick a box at the top, fill in a description, the weight and cost of the item, then sign and date the bottom), and make sure your return address on the reverse of your parcel has ‘United Kingdom’ added to it.

It’s quite easy to send abroad, the first one always seems quite complicated, but I don’t think twice about it now :slight_smile:



The post offices are usually really good as well to be honest and they’ll tell you what needs to be filled in etc. So even if you weren’t sure and your post office is fairly local, pop in and ask before you send the quote to your customer- they’ll be able to weigh it and tell you exactly what it will cost to post. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted to america but can’t help you with the pricing as my stuff is small but has to go tracked for insurance purposes. My comment is about the amount of time it can take for parcels to get to America especially at this time of year if they are looking to buy a Christmas present - it can take 5 days for the parcel to get to the states, another week for it to clear customs (even with a CN22 stuck on the front) and then another 5 days ish to get to its destination (that’s how long it took my last parcel any way). The last posting date for cards/ letters might not have passed but for parcels that have to clear customs it might be a bit close so it might be worth giving a heads up to your customer.

Thank you so much for all of that advice. I’ve just popped up to the post office, as advised and they were really helpful. Thank you folks but posting overseas is all new to me.

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When I starting selling on another site,every time I went to the post office with a parcel I would ask them how much it would cost to send to Europe,Australia nd USA, that way it was accurate.hope this helps a little

That’s a good idea. Thank you.

I send things to America from my shop on another platform. I recommend getting it signed for, that way you can be sure it gets there. I think for a small envelope with a fascinator it may be about £8 something but I’m not too sure.
Hope that helps xx

Hi Martine,

Have you had a look at Royal Mail’s price finder on their website? It’s so helpful – you simply select where you’re sending something, add the size/weight, and it shows all of the different pricing options.

Here’s the link if you (or anyone else on Folksy!) want to try it out :slight_smile:

I’ve just sent a packet which was classed as a large letter weighing 40gm to USA and that cost me £3.15 if that’s any help.

Thank you Jo that’s really helpful for me too and also about not worrying about the cost.


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Thanks very much for your help everyone. The parcel is now on its way to America.

Well done on your sale to the USA, Martine. Hope it all follows through OK. xxx