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Posting abroad

Hi I am selling cross stitch greeting cards. Do people find it is worthwhile offering to post outside the UK or not

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Hi there!

Yes it is worth offering postage abroad, particularly to the US which has a huge market for handmade things. It is not actually that daunting. You have to fill out a customs form when you post it which requests full details of the item, but aside from that it is just the same as posting within the UK. Just make sure you charge enough postage to cover the cost.

Sam x

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@HandmadebySKI I agree with what @SamanthaStanley says and just make sure you get the postage right. I’ve made a few mistakes in the past and ended up loosing out a little.


Thank you Im thinking maybe £1.50 - £ 2 for postage to USA only a card so shouldnt weigh much

That’s sounds a very reasonable price. Perhaps the. £1.50 for small- medium card then £2.00 for large. Yeah it will depend on weight but I wouldn’t under charge. You have to take exchange rates into account and PayPal charges too.

Thanks for the advice, have now edited my listings to include postage to USA so see how it goes

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You can find an approximate price for your articles on the Post Office website. As they are cards they may not be bigger than a large letter size, but you would be the best judge of that!

Sam x

I would advise that you double check the postage rates with Royal Mail, because it costs about £2.25 to post a letter sized card to the USA

Look for the Royal Mail Price Finder tool online you can enter where it is going , the weight and value and it calculates shipping for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone`s advice. I have set posting to USA at £1.50 and if lucky enough to get a sale I will adjust further postal charges if need be