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Printer help please

I have access to an HP printer. When I glue printed items the colours bleed and run and make it look awful. I print on normal copy paper on the correct setting.
I know this calls for experimentation(which Ive done in the past and its driven me mad) but with so many variants I thought Id ask.
What should I change?
The glue, tried 3 glues, they either make the colour run or don’t stick.
Change the paper used, should I try card?
Stick with paper but change the paper print setting?
Any ideas appreciated.

I think you might need to change to waterproof ink cartridges or to a solvent based glue (water based glue + water based printer ink = bleeding colours as the water in the glue re dissolves the ink so one or other half needs to be switched to solvent based). Glue gun might also work.

Maybe try using those glue dots rather than liquid based glue to avoid colours running as you are not diluting the paper in any way.