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Printer suggestions

(karenprice) #1


I’m looking for a new printer. My current HP printer does not accept custom paper sizes (for card making) so I think it’s time to change.

Can anyone suggest a printer?

(James Alden) #2

Lexmark are an arm and a leg for cartridges and are chipped so you can’t refill or use compatable. I have an Epsom SX 218, and it is good but still expensive for cartridges as is my Cannon so that leaves Kodak,I think they are cheapest for ink but have heard reviews of the good,the bad and the ugly,still may be worth looking at as they were designed as a photo printer.

(Dominic) #3

I’ve got a Canon Pixma MG5350, but i think theyve stopped making that particular model. When it comes to replacing it I think there’s a good chance I’d go for another Canon.

I print square linen effect cards no problem and have printed other sizes over the years no problem, I also printed gloss photos to a pleasing result.

The best thing is I can get unoffical cartridges dirt cheap on Amazon - I was a bit nervous at first but they’re really good quality, and because there’s so much competition on Amazon they bend over backwards for you if there’s a problem. I only had a problem once, I emailed the company and they sent another one out instantly, didn’t even ask for the faulty one back.

You should definitely investigate the availability of cheap ink for the model you’re looking at before you buy a printer - check for price and good user reviews.

(Dominic) #4

Just realised it’s a while since you posted… have you bought a printer already?