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Promotion on Facebook for those NOT offering discounts this weekend

As there is going to be plenty of promotion for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and discounts this weekend, I thought I’d do a bit of promotion for those not wanting to take part. I’m going to do a Fabulous Friday on my Facebook page and feature items from Folksy shops that are NOT offering discounts.
So, if you’d like me to pick something from your Folksy shop this Friday and add it to my Facebook page, add your shop link below and I’ll include as many as I can manage - if you also have a Facebook page, add that too so I can link back to it.

This is mine if you want to pop over on Friday and share the love around a bit!



Now that is a lovely idea.
This is me.

I’m currently working towards, not a Black Friday sale but a black, wet and windy Friday Christmas market.
Joy xx

Thank you Christine, great idea.

My shop:
Not long had my Facebook page:

Natasha x

Please may I add my shop Christine, but not my facebook page as its rubbish :slight_smile: as no one see’s my posts.

Thank you

This is mine:

This is my FB:

Lovely idea Christine, thank you. I’m not offering a discount this weekend but anyone who comes to my pop up open studio gets mince pies and mulled wine (I think the advertising phrase is offer only available in store not online!).
My shop is
whilst my facebook is
I hope everyone has a good weekend.

What a lovely idea. Thank you in advance.

My shop and my FB page

If you were just looking for a specific item then lets go with this one (although any will do)

Hope it goes well :smile:

Here’s my shop
Not much there today but I’ll be adding a few bits tomorrow :smile:

What a great idea! Here’s my Facebook page,

In case that doesn’t work, here’s my Folksy link,

Thank you x

Wonderful Idea,

I can’t lower my prices any more because of production costs so please look at my illustrated maps - in particular:

Also My FB page is:

thank you,

Kind regards,

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Christine what a great idea. Like many others I cant afford to discount my work. Many thanks for starting this.

my folksy shop link is
facebook link

Thank you Christine what a lovely thing to do

Please may one of my items be considered

Thankyou Christine, I would be most grateful if you could share either or both .

Thank you x

Thank you so much…what a lovely idea…


Thanks Christine that’s really kind of you. I decided to opt out of the Black Friday sales as it just doesn’t seem right for handmade items.

My shop link :

My Facebook link:

Thanks again


Thank you so much, what a kind and generous offer. Would be rude to refuse :wink:

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What a great idea @ciesse. I appreciate any publicity on Facebook. Thank you.

Thank you, Christine, that is such a lovely idea and I’d love to be included. Mine are:

I have been thinking about doing something similar over the longer term, in the form of posting on my FB page particular items that I come across and like, as a means of highlighting British handmade in general and Folksy in particular. I haven’t consolidated my thoughts yet, re. practicalities and legalities… (should one seek permission from the owner - people generally seem to post what they like…?)

Anyway, thanks again

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Thank you Christine. A very kind and generous offer.
I’m not on facebook but my shop is
These are my favourites, but if you could pick any one of my Christmas items that would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

Many thanks again,
Alison x