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Did you get many sales for Black Friday weekend?

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #1

I must admit I was in a conundrum as to whether I wanted to be involved with Black Friday as it is against my principles. But part of me didn’t want to miss out.
However I didn’t get any sales on folksy :(worried:
I know on folksy a lot of sales come from other folksy sellers, so I dont know if they had the same principles and ignored my shop, or they just simply didn’t want my stuff!
I ran it on my website too, but it was only active on Friday and Monday and interestingly I got orders on Saturday and Sunday. And a few yesterday from repeat customers taking up the discount after sending out a news letter.
Maybe it just didn’t help me that on the folksy newsletter that went out for Black Friday, listed me under art work, whereas the majority of my online sales are jewellery.
Or maybe it was because the majority of the public were more interested in buying cheap tellies this weekend!
I guess I will never know!

(Julie Maginn) #2

Hi T&M some how I have never seen your shop before and I love it!
Black Friday itself was good for me with four items sold with the discount. No more sales after that but views and favs were well up on usual so it all helps. Nothing ventured nothing gained!!
Sales on my stall and b&m outlets are through the roof at the moment and November this year was much better than last year on Folksy. Lets see what December brings!!

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(Melanie Commins) #3

I don’t think a lack of customers using your discount means that no one wants your stuff! I think it’s more than customers don’t associate discount events with places like Folksy and were probably focussing their frenzied bargain hunting energies elsewhere. :smile:

I didn’t discount but had a booming weekend anyway, even better than last year. I can’t say what it was like on Folksy as I put my shop here on holiday for a period over the weekend to avoid getting any more orders. It all went a bit crazy.

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(Janet Blackbourn) #4

Best Dressed Dolly - dolls clothes

I made 3 sales but my customers were not aware that I was offering a discount!
None of them had looked at my front page where I had put the notice about the discount offer for Black Friday weekend & the all important code.
I refunded each customer 10% so they were surprised & happy & I learnt the valuable lesson that prospective buyers don’t always look at your front page.
Therefore any message you want to get across to your customers needs to be written clearly with every item.
It’s all a steep learning curve!
Hope you all have a successful & happy Christmas

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(TandMArtsandCrafts) #5

Its quite a new shop (August I think I re-opened). My old shop had a different URL name which really irritated me! Apparently the only way to change it was to start all over again!!
Bit annoying as it meant I lost my sales record for 4 years and had to start again. But it did mean it got a big face lift.
Thanks for loving the new shop!
I too had a very good weekend outside Folksy on my own website and a cracking Saturday in Glastonbury!

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #6

Yes I think you are right, but to go thru every listing to put the discount on is just not worth the time! Maybe folksy could do something about that in the future…
Luckily I have done well on my website and at the event I attended on Saturday.

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #7

I always thought it would be the case that the lure of a cheap telly would be greater than sourcing something unique and handmade, its the world we live in unfortunately.
I dont think I will bother with Black Friday next year.

(Jo Sara) #8

I didn’t discount and finished up this month with it being my best selling online month ever. Which just goes to show me that people will buy without the need for discounting at the busiest selling time of year. And reading this thread that customers were buying without taking the discount code, and on the inbetween days when discounts weren’t offered, just confirms that to me. They wanted the items, whatever the price was. Which is a good thing :smile:


Edit. I should add, that if you were promoting that you’ve had a Black Friday promotion, that’s possibly what the customer’s have seen without actually reading what the promotion was about, and just followed a link from the photo of your work because they liked what they saw. So the actual promoting of the item could have been done without the discount and still had the same effect. It’s the promoting your items off this site that is the key :slight_smile:

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #9

I agree!
I wont be bothering with Black Friday next year. It was an interesting experiment.

(Camilla) #10

I’ve been checking the stats and Black Friday and Cyber Monday were our two busiest days so far this year for both sales and visits. Hopefully, that will be good for everyone, even if you didn’t get any sales using the promotion on the day.

At the end of the year I’ll analyse the stats in more detail to see how the Black Friday promotion affected sales, so we can decide what to do in 2016.

Sorry if you felt you were included in the wrong section of the guide, Tammy. I looked at your shop and the first things listed were artworks so I added you to that section as those items would be the first thing people would see if they clicked through to your shop. If you ever feel that you’re in the wrong section or the wrong guide, please do flag it up with me so I can change it.

(Julie Maginn) #11

I would be happy to take part again. I’ve never sold 4 things in one day before maybe I would have still had the sales without the discount but that I’ll never know but my views and favs were certainly higher maybe from people doing what I did and randomly going through the list of shops offering a discount. If it helps people discover you for the future if not now then it’s all good. I know I have found a few shops I hadn’t seen before during this event.
I know it’s true if people are looking to buy presents this time of year they are probably going to buy anyway discount or not but what tempted me was to buy something for myself that I wouldn’t normally do this time of year!!!
There does need to be some way of putting info like the discount code on every item (without literally putting it on every item :smile:) As has been said people don’t always look at the shopfront just the item which would not give them that info. And there were some shops who forgot to put their discount code and mention of the sale on their shop front anyway!!
I liked the way Folksy advertised the event, all very calm and civilised!! :+1:

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #12

Yes fair point, looking at my stats, I did get more views - nearly 100 over the last week, its just a shame for me they didn’t turn into sales, yet…

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #13

That’s OK Camilla, partly my fault, if I knew you were going to list us that way, I would of got you to list me under jewellery. As 85% of my sales are the jewellery online.
Looking at my stats, I got nearly 100 views over the last week, so I guess it certainly helped with that, lets just hope people are going to come back and buy something now!!
Thank you for a great promotion.