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Pumpkins, fruit or veg?

Fruit or vegetable?
I get different answers wherever I go.
What do you think?

Fruit! They have seeds in and develop from a flower when it is polinated. Technically they are a gourde, which is a type of fruiting body with a hard shell that can be hollowed out and the seeds are protected inside. Vegetables are roots or leaves, such as parsnips or cabbages. Peas and beans always confuse the issue, but in fact they are legumes and neither fruit nor vegetable.

Ooh and also people get confused about cucumbers and courgettes as well. Of course they are fruiting bodies too because they contain seeds.

I just thought of another odd one. Sugar cane is a vegetable, because it is the stem of a plant.

And botanists will say that any part of a plant at all is “vegetable matter.”

Sam x


Tomato of course is also a fruit, it confuses people when we eat what is technically a fruit as vegetables.

Now Rhubarb we eat as a fruit but it is stem (don’t eat the leaves though!), in eastern Europe they boil it and eat it as a vegetable!

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