Folksy Ltd potatoes!

I may be over reacting, but on arriving home this afternoon I was greeted by an upended sack of potatoes in an overgrown flowerbed! (nowhere near my door)

No note, no bag…nothing!

And it’s spooked me a little.
(I live alone)
I find it quite unnerving and was wondering if I’m over reacting or if anyone else would find it a little odd?

Sarah x

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I find slices of toast in my garden this strikes me as more useful. Odd but useful. Maybe someone was delivering them to a friend and got the addresses mixed up and you’ve got them instead (I’m grasping slightly I know but I have left veg on my friends door steps before now when I get a glut at the allotment) or perhaps there is such a thing as the potato fairy. I wouldn’t worry about it, I’d give them a good scrub, discard any with green bits and then plan meals of baked potatoes or chips. Which reminds me my baked potato should be done by now.


Now I’m feeling left out because I don’t have any mysterious vegetable pixies.


How very strange!! I’d certainly be very puzzled by such an occurrence!


Well it’s a bit odd, but never mind, never look a gift horse in the mouth, I love a freebie and I love potatoes :slight_smile:

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I’m grateful if they’re a gift but they were just upended in a flowerbed, which is decidedly odd!

Random. But potatoes aren’t a very threatening as foodstuffs go. I may feel a little anxious that someone was walking round my property with vegetables, but if it was not near the house I think I would have a chuckle and make a cottage pie.

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Were they near the road that goes past your house? If so could they have fallen from a trailer of a passing tractor/truck?

@DeesDesigns No - whoever upended them would have to have walked half way up the garden!

Maybe you should leave a note about your preferred produce choices in case there is a next time … ‘I really like pineapples’, etc. :slight_smile: