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Putting the fun into fundraising!

(Christina Green) #1

This year I’ve decided to support the Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge by donating 50% of my takings on all items in my shop Cgreengems handmade jewellery between now and Christmas Day 2015. I want this to be a fun way for people to make a difference to an amazing charity and do their Christmas shopping too!

Arthur Rank is a charity that does wonderful work for the terminally ill and their families. They offered my mum a place when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 - as it turned out she was able to stay at home as she wished, but the option was there, which was very reassuring for my brother and myself if we had been unable to cope. They also offer counselling for relatives. There are some things that you can’t say to your friends and family - it would be too painful for them to hear. Arthur Rank Hospice is there at those times. Which all sounds very serious, but the hospice has a lovely, calm, uplifting atmosphere, it’s a very special place.

Anyone else fundraising this Christmas? Please post piccies of anything that you’re selling!

Best wishes,

Chris :smile:

(Christina Green) #2

I’m extending my fundraiser right till the end of December. Get some lovely gifts and help support a great charity!