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Best way to raise funds for charity

(Helen Dale) #1

I’ve been making some purses & bags to raise funds for Macmillan. I still have a couple of large bags to finish, but was wondering what the best way of raising the most amount of funds was? I could list here or try a more time limited auction. Do other people have experience of doing this that they would be able to share?
Many thanks, Helen

(Deborah Jones) #2

Your bags look great !

I raised some money for building our local Hospice by doing a moonlit sponsored walk , I had a Just Giving page set up and everyone who sponsored was in with a chance of winning a pair of moonstone earrings . I promoteded it via my facebook page and raised quite a bit in a 2 week period.

Perhaps you could have a Facebook sale or have a local coffee morning +bag sale - Macmillan themselves used to offer cake sale ideas and advice for fund raising if you google it may be there.

Good luck , let us now where you put them.

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

My pal has a Macmillan event each year, I give her some of my cards which she sells either at the event or at her workplace. Im not sure if they sell but she has said yes please to the cards each year.

(Joy Salt) #4

I would expect you to get a far bigger reach on your Facebook page than on here. They look lovely. Why don’t you do a raffle- via justgiving ? That way everyone pays a bit instead of just the highest bidder in an auction. Think that would get you more and that’s the aim of the exercise.
Joy xx

(Louise Foot) #5

I like to support Rescue Rabbits (the 3rd most common but least understood pet). I’m rubbish with facebook but its definitely the way to go rather than here. Just this afternoon I popped an item (albeit a big one) on for auction on my business page & its up to £40 now :grinning:

(Rachel) #6

There was a lady on here who made hats for prem babies, I will try and find and put a link on. I am not sure if you got the item, I think you “bought” it and that paid for the wool to make the next hat.

(Rachel) #7