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Do you sell for charity

I raise money for charity as an amputee I support Steel bones


I gave up “self employment” last year and now donate to various charities. It depends on the profits I make after I have taken out expenses, but I recently donated to a local women’s aid charity and have plans to donate to the local hospital next.

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I donate to various greyhound rescue charities, and currently have my 5th rescue greyhound (only one at a time as bungalow is too small for more than one.)


I haven’t here yet but something I’m considering now sales have improved. I do sell items on the auction site and donate the funds to Ayr Guinea Pig Rescue so that’s my chosen cause - an amazing place with incredibly well looked after piggies.


We donate 25% of all our Poppy pieces to one of three charities:

The Royal British Legion
Help for Heroes
Blesma (The Limbless Veterans)

Every year, we release one new Poppy style, so there is something new for returning customers- it’s their choice where the money goes, they just tell us at the check out.



Not at the moment but my sister helps run a toddler stay & play group (which obviously can’t operate at the moment) I have ‘rented’ a stall at a few of their coffee morning fundraisers (and usually sell quite a lot at them) they also have a box of my greeting cards which they put out on the counter where the tea/coffee are served at their meetings and they get to keep a percentage of sales. I also sometimes donate raffle prizes for other local fundraisers in our village.


I support a cat charity in Wales and buy a meal for a cat each time I sell something. At the end of the year I have bought quite a few meals.


I don’t sell for charity but (Pre-Covid and when we get back to normal) I belong to a local crochet/knitting group and we make lots of things for charity including blankets that go for palliative care.


I’ve been selling ceramics for my local foodbank via a Facebook page. I keep some things back for charity sales and keep them separate - they are not seconds, just different to what I want to put in my shop.
It worked OK to start with and I raised £275 in a few months, but really FB doesn’t work very well for this and I can’t reach many new people, so I’d be interested to hear any other suggestions people have.


I support a North West Fox rescue …Each month I submit 4 or 5 of my brooches into the monthly auction and generally raise about £30 every month…it’s what got me into crafting and I only opened my store after being persuaded by friends to try and make a little bit for myself too…
Jane …AKA The Denim Dolly.


I occasionally send items to facebook auctions organised by charities. It helps generate money for them and I’m happy to contribute.