Removing backgrounds from photos on an iPhone

i have frequently seen the request ‘how to remove backgrounds from photos’ and being directed to either a free or paid app.

Found out today that if you have a iPhone you can do through Photo and files without the need for a third party app. Just tried it and so easy to use. Have used third party admittedly may have more facilities, then again this of us with Macs know you only scratch the surface as to what they can do. Hope this helps.

How to remove background on multiple photos on iPhone

First, you need to open the Photos app.

Select the images you wish you to remove the background from.

Next, tap the share button in the bottom left corner.

Scroll down to Save to Files.

Now exit the Photos app and go to the Files folder.

Select the photos you want to edit.

You can do this by tapping the three-dotted menu and hitting Select.

Tap each photo.

Finally, tap the three-dotted menu in the bottom right and choose Remove Background.

All your photos should magically appear with a new copy and their backgrounds automatically removed for you.


Thank you so much for this, never knew I could do it on my IPhone, it’s like everything isn’t it, simple once you know how.

I’ve just started to do this instead of using an app and it’s saving me hours of time - amazing!

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Thanks for posting :hugs: I hope this works on iPad too! :partying_face:

Yes it does. Just tried, sorry at the time of posting only tried on the iPhone, going to have a go on the iMac tomorrow but ours is 12 years old (needs changing this year) so doubtful.

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I have used Mac’s since they came into the UK in ‘84/5.

Brilliant then compared to Windows with Desk Top Publishing. Give me a Mac any day!


Thank you for this - just tried it and it’s great. Now need to save instructions or I will forget!

Wow, that’s beautiful! :desktop_computer:

I’ve got this Amstrad Word Processor my Dad gave me :blush:

2017-09-02 17.33.02


Thanks Carol, I didn’t know you could bulk remove the backgrounds.

If you want to do one at a time you can also go into the photo, press on the object and it will highlight it. A halo will come up around it.
Select share, then either Save image or Save to Files etc.

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Thank you for this Carol, really useful.

Now you’ve said this I’ve had a play on my Macbook & in theory there is a way of doing it in Preview but it doesn’t really seem to work on mine (I’m on 2013 MacBook pro which can’t run the latest OS so might work better on newer ones!). A bit like you I probably need an upgrade soon but honestly don’t see the point when the one I have does everything I need!

Thanks again.

Cheers Lou

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Thank you too! Ive just tried this and wow, so easy. :grinning:

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Thanks Lou,
I didn’t realise you could remove the background in Preview :slight_smile:

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My iPhone. 8 does not have a files folder?

You can also use Photoroom. There is a free version, which I use all the time, and a paid version.


That’s what I use. I use the paid version so I can add backgrounds too

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Fotor does the same and free, there is a paid version if you want more backgrounds.