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Reveal your latest Blogs

Following on from the thread,
Have you Blogged today, October 2016,
thought I would see who else has Blogged, does Blog, can Blog, wants to Blog…
I love reading other peoples postings and hope you will pop your links here,
Suzzie x

So today I posted my 3rd Blog,

I just added some of my paintings and cards to my blog

Trying to update at least every week. Most recent post is about my Tree Cats!

I don’t have a blog but would love to have a couple ,one for my Cottage Craft business and one for my horse activities .My son has a couple of successful ones but he is a journalist ! Must get him to show me how ! Or any tips from folksy friends would be helpful ,ie where do I start ? Cheers in advance😄

Hello Linda, make a cup of tea, buy a packet of your favourites biscuits and just start writing! I am new to the world of blogging, so cannot speak with any authority. I read loads of blogs, got a feel for what was what/how. Hubby set the actual page up for me, obviously under my guidance, and I just set to. There loads of blogs to read about blogging, I am sure folksy have done one.
Happy writing, Suzzie x

Hi Suzzie thanks for your reply ,must knuckle down n start soon .Very encouraging :smile:

Yes, yes, yes - no - maybe!

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