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Royal Mail - the bane of my life!

(Sarah Eves) #1

Having converted to My Hermes for most of my parcels I only use Royal Mail now for overseas or if someone needs something in a hurry.

However, of the two parcels I sent on Thursday - the My Hermes one has arrived already and the Royal Mail one is somewhere in the ether!

Not only frustrating, but in a dippy moment I asked for signed for - something I don’t normally do - and the label was torn and damaged in the post office before being attached to the parcel.
They couldn’t tell me whether it would be able to be scanned or not - despite having a nice scanner sitting on the counter which would have decided that - and I left my parcel sitting on the side to be checked by a manager before it went out!

So- the parcel may or may not have been delivered, and aside from contacting the customer - who needed the item by Tuesday - it may never update.

Has anyone been experiencing delays with Royal Mail recently?

Give me My Hermes any day!

Sarah x

(Little Ramstudio) #2

If it has been signed for you can check on line.
On your receipt there will be a tracking code, upload that onto Royal Mail site to see if it’s been signed for.

Really disappointed here with RM today. Had our first damaged item, just received a book of stamps off RM as compensation, and that was for a signed for item! Grrr…

(Sarah Eves) #3

I have the tracking number, but the post office damaged the barcode/tracking number on the parcel label so it may not be readable on the postman’s scanner, in which case it won’t update online.

Sorry about the damage item- just a book of stamps???

(Little Ramstudio) #4

Reason being that at the time of damage we didn’t want to bother the recipient as it was a birthday gift, sent on behalf of a relative. We did ask her to keep the packaging and print but as she was the third party we weren’t in direct contact with her. So instead we relied on a photo showing the damage. This photo we forwarded to RM, their answer was here’s a book of stamps if you want to pursue it even further than get the original packaging and print and sent that to us. Thought all the hassle just didn’t justify our time and costs…

Lesson learned though, in future get the item returned before replacing and then have all the ammunition to take to RM.
And we will be looking into My Hermes.

(Pauline Hayward) #5

I don’t like Royal Mail Parcel prices so in future I’ll be using My Hermes. I must get into the habit though of using them. I go to the PO automatically without thinking.


(Debbie) #6

Is My Hermes easy to use? Do you take your parcels somewhere or are they collected?

(Sarah Eves) #7

My Hermes is brilliant - £2.78 for up to 1 kilo if you take to a parcelshop, or £2.98 to have up to 1 kilo collected from your house.
Dropping them at a parcelshop shaves a day off the delivery.

Sarah x

(Pauline Hayward) #8

I’ve had them collected from my house which is brilliant. If I’m going to be out I just leave them in the porch and a note on the door telling them where the parcel is. They then leave a slip to say they have collected.


(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #9

From the point-of-view of a customer, I do Not like MyHermes. Several times, they have dumped a parcel over my garden gate, in the rain and not left me a card to say they had “delivered” it. How can I trust a company whose delivery staff don’t care about the parcels?
I have been lucky with the post office so far - they’ve manage to deliver on time and in one piece. Any problems I’ve had were with parcels sent abroad - they’ve been lost, damaged or delayed, but everything has turned up in the end!
I’m not happy with postage costs, but don’t have a better alternative, so for now I’ll stick with the PO.

(Grimm Exhibition) #10

@thesherbetpatch Thats cheap, am I looking in the wrong place. My boss uses My Hemes for small light boxes and gets charged over £4!
Ive never had a problem with RM or MH(only used them once though. Ive heard bad things about MH but can only go on my own experience I guess, the parcel got there.

(Grimm Exhibition) #11

OMG, I just looked at MH site, when did the prices reduce drastically!!!

(Helen Smith) #12

They brought in the under 1kg rate a few weeks ago, about the same time RM changed some of their 2nd class prices to be more competitive.

(Stephanie Guy) #13

I’ve never had a problem with RM. If the label was damaged before being attached and you saw it, couldn’t you ask for them to reprint it?

I don’t like couriers from a customer point of view either - if you’re not in they either chuck it over the gate (even if it;s throwing it down) or take it back to the depo and are awkward about redelivering.

(Angela Finch) #14

Well, Royal Mail seems to have lost one of my packages. I sent a delivery of bookmarks to a local school, done it 3 times before with normal postage no problem. This time, no sign of it.

(Sarah Eves) #15

I did ask, but they ummed and ahhed and just id they’d check it was okay with a manager before sending.
It is not possible to reprint a damaged signed for label - they are on a roll at the post office, and each label has a different tracking number - putting a new one on to the original parcel would not correspond to the tracking details already entered on to the computer, when the label is scanned before putting on the parcel.

(Traditional Crafts) #16

If possible, change Post Offices; even use a sub-post office. The one I use isn’t the closest but the staff are very helpful - not had any problem.

(Helen Smith) #17

I think they should have cancelled the whole transaction and started again. But anyway perhaps the best way to look at it is ‘no news is good news’?