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Rug making tools!

(Tempo Designs) #1

Morning all!
Haven’t been here for ages! Just getting used to the new format of the forums!
I’ve listed some rug making tools on ebay, if anyone would like to look. Also some vintage cotton bobbins.

(Nifty) #2

I looked. I’m intrigued - what’s punch embroidery? sounds very butch!

(Tempo Designs) #3

I have no idea! However, I recently sold some other punch embroidery tools, and I’m confident this is the same, however I’m happy to be told otherwise! (I was initially advised by a very craftily minded/skilled friend!)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I know what the first plain metal one is for it’s for making rag rugs on hessian sacking. I saw a demonstration a few years ago at the knitting and stitching show at Alexander Palace.

I love your old lachet hooks for the rag making I have a couple and some canvas. I’ve not hook rug wool anymore but I was thinking of using rags instead.

(Tempo Designs) #5

Hi Eileen, thanks for your reply!
Do you mean the one I’ve referred to as for punch embroidery is another rug making tool?
If so, I’ll change the description!
thanks again!

(Nifty) #6

LOL in that case I no longer want to know what punch embroidery is!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

Yes that’s the one, it’s silver with a sharp point with a hole in it that you thread you rag through. It can also be used to make ribbon embroidery flowers on hessian.

(Tempo Designs) #8

Thank you Eileen, I’ll change the description!
Much appreciated.