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Rag rug help

(Oh Button Me) #1

Wondered if anyone can help my mum really wants to have a go at rag rug. But I have no idea what I need to buy ie tools or such like. I’d love to get her something for Christmas that is to do with it.

Any help would be greatfully received :grin:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

It depends on what type of rug rag she would like to make.

There are different ways of making them.

There’s crocheting of stripes of old clothes.

There’s knitting stripes of old clothes

There’s the latchhook method which would require a latchhook and a large piece of latch hook rug mesh.

Then there’s an even older type of rag rug which requires a rag rug punch and long strip of old rags clothes and a hessian sack.

There’s plaiting of lengths of strips of old clothes that you plait then sew those together.

Hope that helps.

PS I’ve done them all in the past and learnt the hessian sack one at a knitting and stitching show at Alexandar Palace at one of their little 2 hour courses.

So which ever method you go for you’ll require at least a good pair of scissors for cutting the fabric and lots of fabric or old clothes to cut into thin long strips.

(Roz) #3

As Eileen said there are lots of variations. This is a tutorial I used - you don’t need anything special or expensive to give it a go, just a piece of hessian and a large crochet hook.

(Oh Button Me) #4

Oh yes she wants to use old clothes/fabric scraps

Didn’t know there was so many different ways of doing it :laughing:

(Cleggysue) #5

I have made rag rugs by the peg rug method if you go onto the Fred Aldous web site they sell a small kit with the bodger ie the tool used to pull the material through the hessian. I do mine using old blankets have a look at my Pinterest page my makes to see some of them. It’s time consuming like most worthwhile crafts but it’s also an heirloom. My pinterest is Reb Owen

(Witty Dawn) #6

I never tried this but my Mum made some ages ago and enjoyed it.

If she wants some fabric this might be of interest:

(Oh Button Me) #7

Thank you for all your help I have purchased a couple of metres of hessian and I have a crochet hook.
She has lots of of fabric so hopefully she can be on her way to giving it a go.


(Julia K Walton) #8

Cilla Cameron has a nice shop with lots of rag rug making equipment - might be worth a browse -

I make mainly hooked and prodded rag rugs. You just need a hook tool or a prodding tool, some hessian and a frame (an old picture frame with glass removed and drawing pins is fine to start with).

This site also stocks a lot of equipment:-

Heather Ritchie has some great demo videos on her site, too:-

Hope your Mum enjoys it!

Julia :o)

(Oh Button Me) #9

ooohhh thank you they look good i shall have a look and get her to watch the videos :grinning: