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Sale or return at Craft Fair

(Louise Foot) #1

I’m regularly approached by Craft Fair organisers & offered a stall which i take as a lovely compliment although as a non car driver it’s frustrating I have to turn most offers down. Most people find me through Etsy.

2 days ago I was approached to do a stall in Oxford Circus, London. When I explained I was unable to go I was offered the opportunity to send my goods on sale or return. Has anybody else ever done this with a craft show & did it go smoothly?

Any advice? Anything you’d be concerned about? I’d welcome any input at all

Many thanks


(Rosesworkshop) #2

I would be very wary handing over goodies to someone you don’t know, who doesn’t even have a permanent shop you could go to, and expecting to ever see payment.

But think carefully about doing craft fairs yourself. I know several non-drivers who pack an amazing amount into a large wheeled suitcase.

(Louise Foot) #3

Thanks for your reply Rose. I used to catch 2 buses & a train each way to Hebden Bridge to do their market using a wheeled suitcase - felt like del boy:) so know it’s possible, although my new products are all in glass jars & seem less portable

You’re right that the situation is even more precarious through lack of a tangible shop

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Not only that but who would pay for getting your items to the place and returned again if they didn’t sell.

Who would be responisible for their safety from getting broken, dirty, or stolen off the stall.

How would you be paid?

How do you know this person is honest.

I would go back and say something along the lines of I don’t do sale or return but I’m willing to do wholesale. Sell it to them a given amount at a discount that still allows you a small profit margin plus the postage to get the items to them.

Sale and Return can be a minefield at the best of times but even worse if the ‘shop’ isn’t nearby and is only a stall at a craft fair. I can see you losing your stock and your money.

(Witty Dawn) #5

I’ve done sale or return once with a craft fair and with a few shops - never had a problem with damage but not very good for sales either. However what you are being offered does seem bit high risk to me I must say . I suppose you could test the honesty of the person by sending out the items but before doing so get a security deposit on your goods ( for damage/loss) which you will refund once those items are sent back to you after the fair.

These days I don’t bother with sale or return - not worth the hassle of sending off/receiving stuff back and personally I prefer to keep control of my stock.

(Louise Foot) #6

I’m pretty sure my craft insurance would be invalid too. I’ll not risk it. Thanks to all for helping me reach my decision