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Season of Mists collection

I have created the following Pinterest board , which is a gorgeous ‘seasonal’ selection of work / gift guide from talented Folksy folk …

I hope you have time to take a look :slight_smile: Sorry , it’s the only form of ’ social media’ I’m linked to !

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It’s a lovely board - not what I was expecting and the misty colours are beautiful! Am confused by the date though?

Yikes , thank you for bringing it to my attention ! :))

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That is a lovely board - and I have just bought the grey stag notebook as a result! It’s lovely - so thanks for bringing it to my attention!! :slight_smile:

Oh , glad you liked the board @Textiletreasure , and glad it provided a shopping opportunity :))

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Here’s an update of sellers whose items were pinned to my 'Season of Mists ’ board !..
As I’m only allowed to mention 10 at a time …


Enjoy :smiley:

The next 3…
@david mccormack

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Thank you for including me! I haven’t decided on tomorrow’s theme but I’m still populating last week’s board with chairs, cushions and throws and have just added a rather gorgeous throw from your shop.

Thanks for including my Scarborough mist photo, it is one of my favourite atmospheric photos.

You’re welcome ladies . Lovely items :slight_smile:
@ sashagarrett - and thank you too !!! would you mind sending me a link please ?

Hi Ali. This is a lovely selection - thanks for making it! I’ve changed the title of your thread so it doesn’t get confused with the official Folksy Friday theme that we post on Fridays. I hope that’s ok.

Ta dah! based on that british pass time of having a nice sit down and a cup of tea.

Lovely , thanks Sasha.
Thanks also @Camila , sorry for any confusion :blush:

Many thanks Ali :slight_smile:

Thanks Ali! Xx