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Selling craft supplies - opinions?

(brm) #1

Hi guys - I’ve been clearing out my craft supplies, mostly from uni, mostly very good quality (bought from places like Macculloch & Wallis in London, or the buttons and beads I’ll be adding later are vintage etc) - just wanted to share the shop and ask if you think the prices are fair?

I’ve checked the M&W store and my prices are about 1/2 of theirs - the buckles etc I have listed atm are completely unused and as new, they were bought as ‘possibles’ for my uni collection and I’ve realised I’ll never use them!

(Karen) #2

Hi @brm - I Googled buckles and most are coming up much more expensive than you’re charging, so i think you’ve got the pricing spot on. I’ve listed some de-stash jewellery supplies at less than half I paid for them and all but the 3 sets of stones I listed yesterday have sold within 24 hours. Hope you’re as successful - it feels good to receive money by being neat and tidy :wink:

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(brm) #3

Ooh this bodes well! Need a bit of extra cash and the space in my storage so two birds one stone is great!

(Karen) #4

I did so well I should clear out my bead stash as well - but I can’t quite bring myself to do it, I always think I might need them at some point in the oh so far away dim and distant future :slight_smile:

(brm) #5

I’m on listing my beads and buttons now! I haven’t the patience for beading and I need larger quantities of buttons so the odd few vintage ones are no good!

(Karen) #6

I’ve just pinned a couple of your bead listings - I’m new to Pinterest so not quite worked out if it helps, but I hope it does :slight_smile:

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