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SEO of doom

(Paige) #1

Anyone else find all the SEO stuff just boring and beyond what you ever thought you’d have to know when you got into crafting.

Slightly ironic really - all the arsty/creative/crafty people having to learn computer technology stuff. I’ve had a good laugh over that!

Anyway, if anyone else is hating all of this like me, here is a good site (right here if you want) I’ve found that has made it all slightly comprehensible and at least a little more interesting to read.

Back to boring land.

(sejleather) #2

It is a bit of a pain, but the most part of ANY business is the admin/marketing/finance, etc, you have to wear all the hats! :smile:

(Paige) #3

Yeah I got some information from one of the Folksy posts on it.

And as much as I know I HAVE to do it…just need a little “ugh-why-me” moment! :slight_smile:

(sejleather) #4

I know what you mean, would much rather be crafting !!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #5

Good fun if you have knitted them yourself!
Going to look at your suggested site @Honeycomb signs, as I too fell into pit of doom reading all about it.
Thank you for the advice
Suzzie x

(Christine Shephard) #6

Sorry @HoneycombSigns, I tried your suggested site and my eyes glazed over after a few minutes - if the subject is boring, it’s boring however it’s dressed up!

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(Paige) #7

agreed…it’s still boring - but for me it’s at least slightly less “text-booky” (real word ;)). If you find any other ones though @ciesse let us know!!

(Susan Mochrie) #8

Have to admit, I’ve become a bit geeky and actually enjoy trying to raise the SEO of my Folksy & Etsy shops. I’ve neglected my Folksy shop in the last year, so now it’s time for a big push with SEO. If it seems boring or daunting, try small bites at a time.

First, write the titles of your items, so that people searching for an item like this will be able to find it.

Second. The Google search is where we want to be found, preferably in the 1st few pages. Google likes back links, so any social media, or blog which has clickable links back to your shop, will help raise your SEO. :blush:

Edit…feel free to tell me I’m boring and tedious, I can take it !

(Brenda Cumming) #9

I never ever look at stats…apart from being depressing, they can sometimes be incorrect.
If I have a sale, I have a sale, if I don’t I don’t. Spending hours looking and analyzing is a waste of valuable crafting/painting time…can’t say any more on the subject or that is MORE time wasted…ha ha

(Susan Mochrie) #10

Hi Brenda, good for you, lol, keep up the fab work, love your paintings! Xxx😊

(NataliaBraga) #11

Don’t worry – the mere mention of SEO makes most people’s eyes glaze over! And not just in craft circles, but also pretty much every area imaginable. E.g. Last year I was working with travel professionals and most of them just wanted someone else to deal with the tech side so they could get on with creating amazing holidays for their customers.

I’m some kind of weird freak in that I love both sides: creative and analytical…lol

(Leslie Morton) #12

I am pretty proud of this old woman (me). I too have been somewhat neglecting my shop on here but I am on the first page for every listing on Etsy. Why or how I really don’t know bit I’ve done something right. I only wish that views translated into sales - I guess I have still some work ahead of me.

(AvenueFurnishings) #13

Thanks for the links @HoneycombSigns I’m fairly new at this and just about to start doing a bit more research into the analytical side of things. I’m going to settle down and do a bit of reading later this evening.

(Tina Martin) #14

SEO, well, I kind of just muddle along! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Camilla) #15

This is probably not a great thing for me to admit, but my eyes used to glaze over when people talked about SEO too. But because I have to do it as part of my job, I started learning more and instead of feeling like a dark pit which I didn’t want to enter with rules that I didn’t understand, I’m now a little bit addicted to it.

I think of it like a game - trying to find the magic words that will help make you visible.

And it’s really not that complicated - I promise!
These are the three main things you need to know:

  1. The aim is search engines to show your shop or listing when people search for something that matches your product.

  2. Like @talulahblue says, for this to happen you need as many links into your page as possible (so get people to share your shop or products on their social channels - Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc - and on blogs)

  3. Research the words you use in your titles and descriptions, so they match what people are searching for.

As an example for number 3, if it’s a ‘Sign for Daddy’ how else could you describe it to catch more searches? Have you included the words dad or father in the title or description too (‘dad’ gets far more searches on Google than ‘Daddy’). Could you add the words plaque, artwork, wall art or even wall hanging in case people don’t type in sign - they might not know it’s a sign they’re looking for as they might just want something for their wall. Could it also be a good gift for father’s day - if so, add that to the description too. How did you make it? Is it hand painted? Did you design the typography? Is it your own quote? Why not include the text of the quote in the description as well?

All those things will help you show up in more searches, which means more views and more potential customers. That’s got to be good, right?