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(marmalime) #1

Hello, I used to use folksy years ago but didnt much like it when they stopped tags. however i see tags are in use again so i am having another go. i have an established shop on etsy but don’t want all my eggs in one basket and i like the more local feel here. i guess a lot of you on here will also have etsy shops, and i think i understand how etsy works (although its a bit like trying to understand how a cat thinks at times) so I wonder, how does this place differ from etsy in terms of SEO? is basically the same or totally different rules? and if it is different, where should i look to find out what to do? i’m in the process of browsing through forum posts looking for info but if anyone’s got any pointers that would be great. i’ve set up a couple of listings so far using the etsy seo format to experiment.

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

As I don’t sell on the ‘Dark side’ I’ve no idea how their system works.

I’ve had a quick look at your pryo art which is lovely (my father in law does a bit of this) and you seem to use both single and phrase tags like most of us do. We simply think of tags ie single words and phrases that people would type into a search engine to find our work. Also words that are in our titles and first couple of lines of our descriptions

I hope that helps and all the best.

(marmalime) #3

Thank you. Sounds like they are similar then. Looks like titles might be less important than on etsy.

(Hollie Eccles) #4

Hello @marmalime and Welcome back to Folksy :slightly_smiling:

I think the SEO tags work the same as Etsy however from my experience and other peoples recommendations the best way to get traffic to your shop is to promote on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Craftjuice and the fantastic support of everyone on Folksy through the forums.

I’m newish to to Folksy and have very few sales compared to my other selling platforms however I’m determined to keep at is and try and increase traffic and sales as Folksy is such a lovely market place to be part of.

Good luck! Hollie x

(Liz Clark) #5

The tags on our listings are for use within Folksy itself rather than SEO on Google etc.

There’s more on the Folksy blog that may help:

(marmalime) #6

thanks all, i’ve bookmarked that blog page for later! i guess outside promotion is more important here than etsy since there is less passing traffic floating around within folksy. and less competition. unfortunately i’m rubbish at social media!

(Sara Smith) #7

Welcome back to folksy. I love your items. Hope you have good success with them here!


(marmalime) #8

thank you :slight_smile: