Folksy Ltd

Service updates: Feb-March 2014

(Sian ) #1

Some of the things we improved in March:

  • Neutral feedback doesn’t count as negative
  • Bills are now ordered by most recent
  • Better search and favouriting (Search improvements - many - fuller title descriptions now recommended. Favourites - fave on hover and new favourites page)
  • Pagination on item index pages (no more ‘see more’!)
  • Shop widgets
  • Add item ID to contact seller email
  • Replace the ranking gem
  • Fix re-listing on same day after selling out issue (you can now re-list an item on the same day you listed it, if it sells out)
  • Fix single quotes missing issue from copy listing
  • Product page mobile improvements
  • Fix multiple carousel scroll bug
  • Fix see more (featured seller) link bug

Oh, and better forums!

####*edited to add service updates from February

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Fab work - it’s great how things keep improving on Folksy :smiley:

(Karen Ellam) #3

Thank you so much Folksy. This week has felt like Christmas Day, and my Birthday rolled into one.
The new forum is brilliant. Big thumbs up!
I’ve just jumped up and down with excitement to read about the new search update. I’ve tested it out, and its great. No more cluttered search pages with unrelated items.
I’ve changed lots of my titles now to more longer worded ones.
Ive even had a sale this week. :grin::grin::grin:
Thanks again

Karen (karenscraftybitz)

(Camilla) #4

Bring out the bunting and crack open the teacakes - searching on Folksy just got a gazillion times better!! You can now filter by sections and there’s a beautiful, ever-so-clever new shop search too. Have a play and tell us what you think…

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #5

I literally just found the shop search a few minutes ago - was looking for my other shop (easier than logging out and logging back in :stuck_out_tongue: ) and there was the shiny list :smiley: Looks fab!

(Joy Salt) #6

Oh yes, really pleased with the search.
Did a quick trial - on “Glass Mouse”.
I don’t have a glass mouse but I have a glass owl with this in the description
"His sparkly bright red eyes are on the lookout for a mouse supper"
Brilliant - he came up in the search results.

Thanks for listening Folksy support :slight_smile:

(Sian ) #7

Search just improved a bit more! See if you can spot the difference.

Some of you may also see something new on the category & section pages (some won’t - we’re A/B testing it)

(Joy Salt) #8

Trying to work out what has changed so used my search for a Glass mouse again. Was very curious why this one came up :

Took me a minute to spot that one of the colour words was “mouse grey” and “glass” is a material.
I am going to be much more careful what I put in my colour / material words from now on :slight_smile:

Oddly it didn’t find it or anything else for that matter when I added the word “cross” to my search - odd as it is in the title of the listing. ?? Any idea why ?