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Sewing Needles for seed beads

Im using seed beads for a project but low and behold I have the worlds biggest needles. Does anybody know if there is a brand of needles specifically to fit through all seed and bugle type beads?

I don’t think they are as these beads are so tiny. Here’s what I do…I put the thread through the bead, then through the needle, sew the bead and cut the thread. Then I do it again for the next bead. I know…quite time consuming, but I don’t know any other way.

(edited to write…cut the thread)

I’ve used a needle with a ‘collapsible’ eye, really long and ultra thin. This eye is great as trying to thread a teeny tiny eye is almost impossible.

Edited to add… just checked and the brand is Beadalon and was cheaper than ebay :slight_smile:

are you using the seed beads for a bead weaving type project or for a sewing type project? I’ve used the beadalon needles with seed beads but they are flexible so no use if you need to push them through fabric (unless it is really loose weave).

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I use a very fine needle, but not a collapsible one (we don’t get on). I buy needles from whoever I’m ordering my latest stuff from (just buy the smallest size!). I bead down to size 15 beads, no problems.

You can buy special very fine needles for seed beads, go to ebay and put seed bead needles in, they come in several sizes the higher the number the finer the needle.

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Im need them for threading beads on which will then be sewn to fabric. Il take a look at suggestions, thanks peep.

You can’t use ordinary sewing needles for seed beads as even the fine ones are too big. I use beadalon beading needles size 10 for most purposes, size 12 for the size 15 seed beads. The size 12 are not very robust and don’t last very long as they are extremely fine, but you can make multiple passes with them, which is invaluable. I think if you are beading onto finely woven, light-weight fabric, the size 10 will cope with it, but if you are using anything getting towards a medium weight, you can go down to a size 8.

SAm x

I have a couple of sewing needles that are designed for seed beads. They were given to me from a lady on a cross stitching forum.

I’ve just looked into my sewing tin and found the brand name is ‘Sew Rite’

They have different size needles for sewing beads.

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I stock various beading needles, I can add them to my store later today if you like.
What size seed beads are you using?

Thanks, I bought some today at a local haberdashers. They are awkward to thread but Im keeping calm so far.


Wax your thread first, then you can flatten it with your fingernails and it will pass through the hole. This is the most tricky aspect of using seed beads :wink: It is also why some people like to use collapsible “big eye” needles, but I find they are very weak and don’t last long.

Sam x

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I have to thread them under my magnifying lamp :grinning:

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