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Silver Foil Lampwork Beads 12mm (ish)

(Joy Salt) #1

I am having extreme difficulty sourcing some glass beads which I use in one of my suncatchers - my BeadTailed Dragonfly.

The beads I need are 12mm - 15mm square, round, oblong - I don’t care.

The most important characteristic is that the hole must be big enough to take 2 * 0.8mm wire (As I double the wire, put the bent loop at the bottom and the two ends secure it to the body).
I’ve bought at least 3 sets of beads so far which have an inconsistent size of hole - which is aggravating when the wire goes through 2 or even 3 but not the 4th bead.
Not all beads show the hole size but 2mm is good if anyone has any, knows where I can get some.


(Debi Cummins) #2

Seen these before, Czech lampwork beads silver lined, with large holes.

Here’s the link (Hope it works!) If not they are listed under Lampwork Beads > Round

(Joy Salt) #3


You are a star. I will soon be able to make my dragonflies in a range of lovely colours.
How about this

(would have to charge a bit more if I used these as they cost a bit more than normal but lovely !)

Joy xx