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Glass beads

I am looking for some glass beads to go on the end of the drawstring of my dolly bags. Ideally about 10 mm to 12 mm in diameter with about a 4 mm hole for the drawstrings to go through. The nearest I have found seem to be Pandora style beads and the hole is too big, The ones I have used are ok but I would have liked them to be a bit bigger. Does anyone on here do anything like this or know where I can get them?..I have searched online for hours!
Thank you…

Have you had a look at
The hole is about 2.5mm so might not be big enough - is it the silky rat tail that you use in the bags? I have some of that and some of the beads so could try it out for you.

Thanks Sasha…yes I looked on there. The ones in the link only go to 8mm and they say the hole is between 0.5-1.00 mm. Yes, on these bags it’s the rat tail I’m using and the hole needs to be big enough for a double thickness. I am also going to do some bridal pouches using a thin twisted cord of a similar thickness.
Thank you for replying…I might have to stick with what I’m using for the moment until I see something better…


I have some glass ‘pony beads’ which I used when I was making similar bags a while back - I think they are around 9mm with a decent sized hole. I remember I got them at the Knitting and Stitching Show so that’s not a great help but if you search ‘9mm glass pony beads’ you should come up with something.

Thank you.
I think these are what I ended up buying…I was hoping for something a bit larger and round.
It’s frustrating when you have something in your head you want, and it doesn’t seem to exist!!

I did get some others at the same time, gorgeous coin shaped beads which were bigger and looked lovely but they were really too heavy, like having little lead weights hanging from the bag! So much of making is a compromise… what about making a larger bead from seed beads? I think that would look lovely although a lot of work of course…

Or find a lampworker to make beads for you?

I’ll be going to the big bead show in April so I’ll keep an eye out and get details of suppliers who have anything close to what I think you’re after.

Thank you so much @SashaGarrett and @HelenSmith for all the help.


This site is very helpful, if you email them they will let you know if they have anything suitable

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Thank you…I will email them tomorrow…