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Shades of Grey

(Sue Beacham) #21

(Grace Knitwear) #22

I have a section called shades of grey! (not after the film though)

(Twigwams) #23

I’ve just joined Folksy and one of my first products are these charcoal grey felt hearts - they are very soft and tactile!

(Katy Edwards) #24

Cut Out Moustache birthday card, fun and grey :blush:

Katy x

(Yvette ) #25

(Hazel Rayfield) #26


(Kristina Normante) #27

One more GREY linen doily.

(Claire Musgrove ) #28

Grey, with a little pink and white…

(Lynn Britton) #29

Grey, taupe and black

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #30

All of the things on here are beautiful but you can’t beat the film. I’ve had a pretty crap couple of weeks and I only went because no -one else would go with my friend. It is absolutely fantastic… the line are so cheesy and the acting left a lot to be desired. I laughed so much I cried, my face hurt and I thought at one point I was going wet myself where I was trying so hard not to laugh out loudly !!! :slight_smile:

(Claire Musgrove ) #31

Another keyring, blue and lilac with the grey this time…

(Samantha Stanley) #32

Haematite Grey firepolish in these intricate beadwork earrings-Haematite is one of my fave colours!

Love Sam x

(Irridescent) #33

(Roz) #35

(Roz) #36

Not wanting to hog the thread but just added this listing

(Minerva) #37

Hand knitted men’s scarf in charcoal grey.

(Claire Musgrove ) #38

Easter Bunny grey…


Grey n Blue

(Heartfelt Ideas) #40

(Helen Clifford) #41