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Share 2 - 4 blogs you enjoy reading and why

(Janet Walker) #1

I like mixing up my reading of blogs. So i don’t stick to a selection for too long because that can mess with my creativity. I don’t read blogs often but when i do i like to check out something different… I would like to see what your fav blogs are and help mix up my selections…

My favs at the moment are:

I look forward to seeing your suggestions…
Blessings Janet

(Little Ramstudio) #2

Great thread idea Janet.
And very topical for us as we are thinking about getting around to blogging very soon and could do with getting some inspiration from some interesting blogs out there. Will take a peek at those you have suggested :smile:

(Janet Walker) #3

Great, i hope you like them :slight_smile:

(Heather De Gruyther) #4

Oooh - I’ll check those out after the kids have gone to bed. I like to read different ones, I don’t follow any all the time as I too like to have a change.

I like - always interesting and - always varied. I also have to mention - not crafty at all but there you are :smiley:


(Janet Walker) #5

Hi Moon​River​Jewellery,

Thanks for the share. I too check out the blogs at my quiet time, when kids are in bed :). It doesnt matter if they are not crafty blogs i like variety in my life lol

(Heather De Gruyther) #6

It’s the only quiet time in our house - in fact I must go and get them up there now. I must confess that the last blog belongs to my husband - so I’m a bit biased there :wink:

(Janet Walker) #7

I am preparing my 1 yr old now, while my 10 yr old is making his school lunch. He’ll be in bed by 7.30pm. Then i will put the little one to sleep than its my time :):slight_smile:

No need to feel biased, it’s a blog and it needs to be shared.

(Saltmarshandsamphire) #8

Thank you for including my little blog here! Glad you enjoy it :slight_smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #9

Not really up to date on my blogging but this is one of my favourites;

(Heather De Gruyther) #10

I do indeed @saltmarshandsamphire :smiley: - thank you!

(Heather De Gruyther) #11

That looks interesting @plainprimitives - will have a proper look later x