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Show me your eco goodies!

I’ve just made a few of these little cleaning cloths to use instead of disposable wipes. They’re just as easy to use and you can rinse them through or pop them in the wash! I’ve priced them very cheaply to start off with to see if there are any takers! . . .

Reusable cosmetic pads in 4 different colours :blush:

Jute scarf for the garden tap, SO much better than another plastic item

One of my cards printed on 100% recycled cardstock;

A patchwork tote bag using up small swatches of fabric

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Hello all, I just opened my Folksy shop this week selling eco friendly handmade glass straws. I only have a couple of types available at the moment but plan to extend the range in time.

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Reusable make up remover pads with matching bag.


I’ve just made a few of these re-usuable cleansing pads, using a soft bamboo fabric backed with towelling . . .