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Show us your GIVEAWAY promotion

(Claire Musgrove ) #1

Hi, I couldn’t find a topic for showing giveaways, so I thought I’d start one!!

Please add your giveaway below, giving the finishing date, prizes, and link. Then you can enter other people’s promotions… as many as you like!!

I’m having a Facebook giveaway for achieving 500 likes, you will find the details here

Competition ends at midnight 28th July, after which two lucky people will get to choose an item from my animal menagerie!!
Here’s an example of what you could win…

Good luck!!

Claire xx

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

How lovely! I made some simple animals last summer holidays and it was such fun… then I made an elephant for my mum’s birthday. The pattern was for just the elephant, but she looked “naked”, so I invented her a pretty dress, matching hat and shoulder bag, with a pet mouse peeping out of the bag. Mum loves elephants, so she was thrilled to bits. Crochet is such fun!
I love these bunnies! Am about to go and look at your Facebook page…



Hi, I am thinking to organise a giveaway on Facebook as a thank you for reaching 1000 likes. I am not sure what painting to choose though, maybe I get people to choose between the three. I will post the Giveaway enter this weekend and choose a winner on the first of August.

Here is a link to today’s post on Facebook and the three paintings I am thinking about :).

(Peonyandthistle) #4

Having a little giveaway on our facebook page for a chance to win one of our hot pink Glasgow notebooks! You can enter here -

(Chantal Hanna) #5

I’ve just started a giveaway, I hope this is ok to post in here if not I will remove the post.

It’s giveaway time!!! We have a fantastic £150 bead bonanza to giveaway to one lucky person!!
You can read all about it here ---->

(Claire Musgrove ) #6

Of course it’s ok to post, that’s why I started this thread!!!
Fabulous giveaway…have just popped over to enter, and will share on FB
Claire xx

(Chantal Hanna) #7

Christmas is just around the corner and we at Snoochy are feeling generous.

For the month of November we will be running a weekly prize draw. Each week we will be giving away a goody bag of beads worth at least £10.

For more details pop over to…