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Hi to all my online folksy shop friends, I opened my shop recently and I need your help please, all you have to do is promote my shop by going to it and hearting one of my items, for your reward I’m giving 3 items from my shop, below…there will be three winner !st, 2nd, 3rd

Let me know your shop name on here and I will pick out the winners on Monday evening at 6 o clock

below you will see the three gifts, 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize…I’m making it worth your while to Join in with these three lovely gifts

All the best my dear friends

First Prize… This bag with a free gift inside

Second Prize The Original painting and free gift

Third Prize Two Brooches, you choose


What a great idea! I’ve a few items, you have a lovely shop, i wish you all the best with it! xx

Thanks for Joining in, = Angela thanks for promoting my shop, your shop name is the my box I will call out the winners on Monday evening 6 o clock, lets hope more Join in, spread the word

enjoy the rest of your meeting

Sue x

Hey Sue. That’s a lovely idea. I will heart some more and put more on pinterest.hope you get some more sales. X

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Thanks Roxanne, I will also promote you and You shop name is in my box, will pull out the winners on Monday evening 6 o clock :clap::clap::clap::raising_hand_woman::two_hearts::sunflower::tulip:

Happy sale

Sue xx

It’s a lovely and very generous offer you are making but I wonder if you would not be better making it somewhere where you have a wider audience. The Folksy Forums are a pretty restricted viewing platform and you will only attract attention from fellow crafters.
It is surely the big wide world outside Folksy that you want to bring in to see your lovely work.
You could have the offer on one of your Instagram posts or I was going to say your Facebook page but that I think is personal only ?

Good luck anyway


Sue,I hope you get some sales from it. I will tweet some of your items with pictures as they get better views that way. I will also pin some of your items to the shared boards that I am on.

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Thanks Joy, all good advice, I will post an advert on myvInstagram and facebook, your shop name is in the box, 6 pm this evening Ibwill announce the three winners. All the best Joy

Sue x​:heart_eyes::clap::raising_hand_woman::two_hearts::sunflower::tulip::cherry_blossom:

Thanks for joiningnin sweetie and your promoting me, come back 6 0 clock this evening When I announce the winners…your shop name is in the box :raising_hand_woman::two_hearts::sunflower::tulip::cherry_blossom:

Sue x

I have hearted a few items, pinned them and will tweet a few with pictures over the next few hours.
Instagram will get people interested but they are only interested in a free item and will not promote you. They tend to also unfollow you once the giveaway has ended.

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Please support my Give away free gifts, ends at 6 o clock tonight uk time

You have some lovely things in your shop. I have hearted one of your paintings, the cat and the fish bowl is so cute. This is a nice idea for a promotion, I hope you get a lot of traffic and some sales x

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Thanks Bekki, come back later to see the three winner, you may be one of them, all the best

Thanks so much for supporting this thread, I will also promote your shop

Sue x

I just come back from giving your shop a real boost sweetie, I have promoted you to my FB, Pinned on my Folksy Board and hearted a few of your lovely item, fill your shop up with more, this will help you to bee seen more and attract more customers.

Come on Folksy shops, join in this give away, the winner will be announced at 6 pm this evening.

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

You have until 6 pm today Monday when I announce the winner

You’ve got some lovely items Sue :cherry_blossom:

we have three winner to my Give away !!!

Well done
First winner The Shabby chic bag

second winner, The Art Deco Ladies Painting

Third winner Two of my Hat brooches

well done ladies !!!

Please email me your addresses

Ooh that’s brilliant Sue, I love Art Deco!
Thanks lots :grinning: x

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