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FB Tote Bag Give Away

(Charlotte ) #1

Hi there

I have recently opened a new shop on Folksy and also have a new Facebook page. I am running a competition to give away 1 of my screen printed tote bags to 1 person who likes my Facebook page. Winner to be announced on 30th June. I have 5 designs in my collection and the winner can choose the one they want. Good luck!


PS - happy to like your pages in return too, just reply with the URL :slight_smile:

(Yvette ) #2

Hi Charlie - liked your page but couldn’t leave a message. Good luck with your shop and FB page :smile:

(Missy Mac Glass) #3

Lovely page and shop. Consider yourself liked!

(Charlotte ) #4

Thank you!

I have liked your page too :slight_smile:

(Charlotte ) #5

Thanks Yvette :slight_smile:

(Astrid Huxham ) #6

goodluck i have 2o items im also new,.one month old Faye

(Charlotte ) #7

Thank you. Good luck with yours too. Your paintings are lovely :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #8

Good luck with your new shops. Folksy is a lovely place, we’re all very friendly here - if ever you get stuck, a quick shout out will bring lots of us running to help!

(Charlotte ) #9

Thanks for all the likes so far everyone.

If you would like to win a free tote bag, there is still time to enter. I will be announcing the winner of the free tote bag on Monday.

Charlie :slight_smile: