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Show your projects that are not for sale

(Bekki Stevenson) #41

Just finished a textile artist trading card for a swap. Took me forever but I’m pleased with the result.

(Jan Ryan) #42

every year I make my grandson a tree decoration, I always let him choose the subject, last year was Darth Vader

(Blackthorpe) #43

Sometimes you need to make something just for fun.
Meet Mr Croaker, made from a silk remnant.

(MyDesignStation) #44

laser cut stand made of plywood for my very first exhibition! the idea was to engage visitors in painting & decorating the stand :slight_smile:

(Helen Healey) #45

A cushion for my baby step-grandson

(Julia K Walton) #46

I’ve made my cat and dog a small quilt each for Christmas from our old t-shirts. Minnow was on hers while it still had pins in it! Here is Brock’s (dog’s):

(Lois Bell) #47

I’ve just finished these commissioned cushions. Client had Harris tweed offcuts and wanted cushions that reminded her of her holiday on the island.

(Bekki Stevenson) #48

These are lovely @Beesandblossoms. I love the embroidered details. They’re very tactile

(Helen Healey) #49

This was a commission for a customer that saw my sheep tote bag at a Christmas fayre and asked for the same design on a cushion.

(Lucy Reynolds) #50

I had an illustration published in this month’s SCOOP magazine. It’s a magazine for children aged 8-12 and the article I illustrated was all about eating insects and the future of food production. It was fun to receive my copy through the post. Cricket sandwiches anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


Illustrating a story; more drawings to come:

(Mandie Bailey) #52

This necklace was made for my gymnast daughter

(Ali Dufty) #53

Most items I make end up in my shop, but I must admit I love making/ wearing handmade socks !!! so when I get a chance to make , these never end up for sale ! I like to make on two needles as DPN’s just make my hands ache ! Perfect for this weather !

(Helen Healey) #54

This was a recent commission I was asked to do. I used cross-stitch for the lettering which I really enjoyed as I hadn’t done any for a few years.

(Deborah Jones) #55

I have just finished these. They have been made using stones from an old brooch that my customer has had in a draw for 30years. Hopefully they will get more wear now.

(Paula Rayson) #56

I’ve recently learned how to knot pearls (my business goal of the year) and have made these for myself as I actually had 2 matched strands. Black/peacock pearls knotted on amethyst silk. I wear them everyday and am looking forward to doing so at fairs when I’ll have knotted necklaces ready to sell.

(ana92pl) #57

Im a coffee lover, I made these earrings for myself :smiley:

(Grimm Exhibition) #58

Heres a card I made mum for mothers day

(Denise Payne) #59

Hand drawn Lampshade.

(Ali Dufty) #60

Unicorn felted bowl / tray . A request for my daughters friends unicorn-loving daughter!!:joy::joy::see_no_evil: Something a bit out of my comfort zone , but I’m ok with the result and hope it fits requirement !!!