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Shrink plastic- oven or heat gun?

Hi, I’m looking for advice on shrinking my shrink plastic. I’ve been using a heat gun and the surface comes up a little uneven, is shrinking in the oven a less temperamental process?

Haven’t used shrink plastic for a while now but I seem to remember that it seemed a bit dependent on the quality of the product. I always used the oven and found that placing a heavy object on top of it the minute it comes out of the oven (while it cools) like a flat bottomed pyrex dish helped to keep the surface flat and even.

I used an oven before I had a heat gun and it ended up as a blobby mess. Try the heat gun again but hold it further away from the plastic, hold it down with a cocktail stick, when its completely shrunk and before it sets hard place something heavy and flat on it, it may turn out better.

Thanks- maybe the oven isn’t worth the hassle in that case. Maybe I am just trying to shrink them too quickly, I’ve tried squashing them with a tin but maybe that’s too light… I think I have some old ceramic tiles in the shed, those might work better.

Thanks folks. :slight_smile:

Oh wow I haven’t used shrinking plastic in years didn’t even know you could still buy it.

I’ve only used shrink wrap while helping my other half with his electronic projects and we always use a heat gun.

He told me it’s about applying heat gently and evenly with a heat gun not holding it too close to the cable where the heat shrink is being applied. Not leaving the heat gun in one place but to gently weave it along the heat shrink

hope that helps

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That makes perfect sense- thanks @EileensCraftStudio. I think I’ve just been too excited about getting it shrunk!

Glad to be able to help.

I do remember I was impatient to get it done when I first had a go, but hubbie was very good at explaining and letting me try it a few times with some waste bits. :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

I’ve used an oven for shrink plastic lots of times and never had a problem like the ones described. The main thing is to ensure the temperature is set correctly and to watch it while the process happens-it doesn’t take long. A few seconds under a flat ceramic surface makes the plastic completely flat and it does not change shape once cool. If you have a gas oven, or non-fan oven, however, I would be cautious as there may be hotspots within these ovens. My oven is an electric fan oven, so the temperature is even throughout (which is probably the most important thing, whichever method you use to shrink your plastic).

Love Sam x

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Even temperature definitely makes sense. The pieces that have gone most out of shape have been the larger pieces, the smaller ones have turned out fine.

Thanks for all your advice folks, I’ll have a fresh start with them tomorrow and will try not to get too excited and rush them!

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