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Varnish for shrink plastic

Can anyone recommend a varnish for shrink plastic?

The ones that I have tried seem to sink in and i’d prefer a bit of a glossy finish.

Hi Helen, this is Mel’s wife: I haven’t used it on shrink plastic, but I use a 3-D clear gloss finish such as Anita’s or Ranger’s Glossy Accents on polymer clay. I apply it with the nozzle and swoosh it about making sure there are no bubbles. It has a resin-like finish and hasn’t yellowed or cracked on pc. Mel uses a clear, spray lacquer and says you can expect the first layer to sink in but the next layer should give a glossy effect. Obviously you would have to test to make sure any glaze or varnish doesn’t make your colouring material run, but I guess this would have been set by the heat by this point anyway.


Thanks loads for your help. I’ll have a look at those :smiley: