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Silver chain

I sell my fused glass pendants on their own without a chain but wonder if I should sell some of the more special ones with chain supplied.
Where do I find pretty 18" silver plated chain which looks good but doesn’t cost the earth.

I buy my silver chains from international craft and they also have an extensive range of silver plated chains. Service has always been excellent with the delivery turning up the next day. Cooksongold also have lots of plated chains.


Thanks Sasha. I had had a quick look on Cooksongold but must have missed them. xx

I would agree with Sasha International craft do have a good range i have bought from them and the quality has been good. i have also bought some lovely silver plated chains from the silver corporation but they don’t have much of a selection as they used to.

Cooksongold might have theirs filed under `base metal findings’ i think if you haven’t managed to find them yet.

Thanks Sasha. I’ll get onto it right away. xxxxx

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@SashaGarrett @jenniesgems Thank you both. I’m now in possession of some very nice looking Snake Chain Silver Plated 18"from International Craft. Cost me less than £1 per chain and will be fantastic when people ask at markets and fairs if I have any chains to go with my pendants. Planning also, when I get round to it, and ‘IT’ involves taking multiple photos of each and measuring etc. to sell some of my more special pendants with chain attached


Hmmmm wonder if I can find similar gold plated ? :slight_smile:

OOh Yes they sell gold too. Should have got those at the same time as the silver but never too late. :slight_smile: