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Suggestions needed!

(Louise Stossich) #1

Afternoon - just wondering if any can recommend any good suppliers for sterling silver chains and leather necklaces - the reason I ask is I’ve relocated recently from Australia and struggling to find suppliers here. Any suggestions will be gratefully received!!! thank you

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I use for my pre made chains (box and trace). They also do leather and the appropriate ends/ clasps but nothing made up. Cooksongold do leather necklets - never had that particular item from them though so can’t comment on the quality and I’m sure it would be cheaper to make your own up (that would also allow you to do other lengths). I also use cooksons if I want fancy chains.

(Samantha Stanley) #3

I use Cooksongold for finished trace chain and for lengths of unfinished chain. There are many cheaper suppliers but I find Cookson’s products are very strong and good quality.

Love Sam x

(Louise Stossich) #4

thank you Samantha Stanley and Sasha Garrett that’s really helpful.