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10mm Millefiori Beads


Does anyone know where I can buy beads like these

Just received my 3rd attempt - this time from Amazon after 2 Ebay fails .All coming from China but they keep sending me beads like this : which are flatter and instead of the single flower I need they have multi flowers. They’re too thin to copper foil for flower middles, butterfly heads etc and norhing like as effective patternwise:

Getting very frustrated by this as I’ve been buying these for several years and suddenly it’s gone pearshaped

I’m guessing you don’t actually need them to be drilled if you are copper foiling them if so I have some discs that have been clipped from millefiori canes (my father in law brought me back a selection when he went to venice and I’ve never found a use for them as the front/back isn’t flat). Single flower but they are only 6mm dia and of varying thicknesses (most about 4mm, some thinner and some thicker). I’ll take a photo after breakie.
Otherwise Nbeads has these:
I use them to get my blown glass beads now, service is quick but packaging could do with improving, never bought that particular item from them though so don’t know if it will match the photo but it does specify single flower.

So this is the sort of thing I have

only 6mm across. I do have a selection of colours and they are yours if you think you can use them as they have been sat in a draw for years but I realise that they might not be suitable.

Are these any good?

or these?

Sasha They will be a bit too small for copper foiling (since my hand went funny I’m struggling a little with smaller beads) but please may I buy them from you for fusing instead - if they are no use to you.

Joy xx

Thanks Debbs. I’ve just dropped a note to Ravenavenue asking them to confirm they are as shown and not like these :

Being the photo I’ve just had to send to the 3rd, Amazon failed supplier as proof they are wrong. I hate it when they argue !
My friend who makes beads has so far received 7 strands from me like those as the 2 previous Ebay suppliers have refunded me without asking for return but I don’t she wants any more !

Ooh I’ve just realised there is a number on there and its the same number as my original picture and that was from one of the Ebay suppliers !

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Thanks also for the link. Tried to contact for confirmation they are single flower but got a system error - will try again tomorrow - they are closed today for Chinese New Year.

Would these from Virtue Signum be suitable? They vary in size from 2.5mm to 10mm.

If all else fails I’m off to Singapore in a little while (pretty soon now, soon enough to get excited - I love Singapore) and have added a shoppin trip to Chinatown to our ‘schedule’ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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That should be Vitrum not Virtue…auto correct!

How about a swap for the strand you can’t use? I’ve made (and sold lots of) earrings made with rectangular beads like those. I also have some 4mm versions of the 6mm discs - would they be of use? I’ll dig out what I’ve got and take a photo.

Thanks ever so much. As well as hopefully finding the beads I need I’m also getting links to some exciting looking suppliers. I’ll check these out too but they may be a bit too expensive for my stained glass.
Joy xx

Sasha that would be brilliant. I’ve got 4 strands but also quite a few more from previous purchase attempts which I can sort out and put together.
I’m about to message you my address.

Joy xx

Grrrrrrr just received 1 string of single flower beads from a Uk shop on Etsy. Sold as 1cm, received 8mm. Have sent a polite message asking them please to amend their listing and won’t bother with feedback.

Your ‘rejects’ turned up this morning and I’m delighted with them, I just hope you are as happy with my ‘rejects’ when they turn up (they went 2nd class on wed afternoon).

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Thank you very much. Yes I am equally delighted, they arrived while I was out at the shop. Lovely package to unwrap as I put the shopping away. I can make very good use :slight_smile:
Also arrived were 4 strings of the correct sort of 10mm millefiori which I ordered from Pandahall after first getting them to confirm they were the correct sort.

Happy Bunny :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: