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Silver wire

(Orangeand Green) #1


I am a sewist here on Folksy but I used to make filigree jewellery when I lived in Mexico. I have recently moved house and found a 200g bundle of wire that I brought back with me over 15 years ago! Dh nearly threw it away as it was quote ugly and oxidised after so long under a chest of drawers I’ve cleaned it up with bicarb and it looks great now.

I bought the metal in grain and this was melted into a rod then drawn down to square wire in a workshop which I then drew down to this round wire. It’s not 925 it’s more like 950 which is a brighter colour and soft to work. 75g is about 2mm and 125g is about 1mm.

Does anyone want to buy it from me? Message me if you do.

(Kate Singleton) #2

Hi Rachel
How much would you like for the silver wire?
I bet it was fab living in Mexico!