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Stash clearance sale to celebrate the birth of my daughter!

(Kirsty Macdonald) #1

I’m putting this in here instead of “Shop Talk” as I think that was the wrong place :smile:

Anyway, my daughter Lauren was born 11 weeks ago and suddenly our house has become too small for all the added paraphernalia that comes with a small person :smiley: Therefore I am having a clearout (while littlun naps!) of all my craft supplies in an attempt to make some room.

I will be listing a whole host of items over the coming days/weeks (naps permitting) so keep an eye on this collection:

So far I’ve reduced some items that have been hanging around for a while - this will be the last chance for these, I won’t be renewing/reducing them again - so far there are some bargain card blanks, scrapbooking bits and papers:

Much, much more to come!

Silent Companions

(Kirsty Macdonald) #2

A couple more bits and pieces listed today: some brass alphabet stencils and some ribbon stickers:


(Jacqueline Austen) #3

Congratulations on your wonderful news xxxx Sadly I don’t make cards, but I am sure you should get some sales. Good luck with making space x

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(Kirsty Macdonald) #4

Lots of card/scrapbook embellishments listed - many Christmas themed - like the ones below:

(Kirsty Macdonald) #5

First round of de-stash listing complete - hurrah! - I think that’s all the card-making stuff :smile:

I will be sorting, photographing and listing ribbons next I think :smiley:


(Kirsty Macdonald) #6

Haven’t managed to sort ribbons yet (everything takes sooo much longer with the baby!) so I’ve listed some cross-stitch patterns and some tissue paper packs.