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Suggestions for a piece of Silver Jewellery for a 50th Present

My stepdaughter will be 50 in a couple of weeks time and I’d like a piece of sterling silver jewellery for her, my budget can go up to £50.00, has anyone any suggestions please.
Lynn x

This is nice and elegant- timeless, I was admiring it this afternoon…
Lucky stepdaughter !

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Hi Lynn,

I have lots of silver jewellery in my shop which might be suitable, a couple of ideas are the silver circles necklace, or a mobius bangle which are popular and unusual - hallmarked too! :smile:

Claire x

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Hi Lynn, does she have a particular style she prefers? I have a number of pieces under £50 in my folksy shop at the moment. I also have a lovely gem set geometric pendant I could send you some images of if you think it might be an option? xxx these earrings are solid sterling silver and are hand set with February’s birthstone (I’m assuming she has a Feb birthday?)

Apologies Sarah I inadvertently replied to you, touch screen is not being my friend today lol

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I have quite a lot of sterling silver jewellery in your price range, bracelets and earrings.

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All my jewellery is made of sterling silver or has sterling silver components. This is my own favourite of the pieces on my page, but I have a wide selection of other styles if this isn’t quite her thing. Or perhaps she would like something made in her own favourite colours.

And I have these unusual casts from Victorian and Art Nouveau buttons as well…

Or a simple pendant;

I’m sure that you will find something ideal for her from the lovely suggestions everybody has posted to this thread,

Love Sam x

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Gosh… there are some beautiful items to choose from, thank you for your suggestions.
Lynn x

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Just thought I’d let you see what I have chosen for my step-daughters birthday pressie, I know it’s not the Feb birthstone but she loves green and not purple.

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Lovely choice! So you know for future, you can get green amethyst so she could have her birthstone but still in her favourite colour xx

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Thank you Lynn @erkinwald all packaged and ready to send :smiley:

Prasiolite Green Amethyst I have some in faceted beads they are only small in a light sage green colour I really need to use some :slightly_smiling:

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Oh! thank you Jax @JacquelineOJewellery, so looking forward to receiving it and giving it to step-daughter.

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You are welcome Lynn, hope she loves it :slight_smile: x


Oh! Jax @JacquelineOJewellery, the necklace is absolutely gorgeous, she’s going to love it, very many thanks
Lynn x :slightly_smiling:


What a lovely gift :slightly_smiling:

Morning Lynn @erkinwald So pleased you like it, I hope your Daughter-in-law has a fabulous birthday.
Thank you :slightly_smiling:
Jax x

Here is a heart shaped sterling silver pendant on a 16" sterling silver chain.

A longer chain can be sourced if required.

Good luck in your search!

Thank you Sharon @SharonsHandmadeJewellery for your input, but I’ve already made a purchase for the birthday gift
Lynn x

Oops just read the later comments & realised you have sorted your gift (which is lovely by the way!). x