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Sunday flash sale

Morning all

I have three of my zoo textile artworks offered for sale today at £75, instead of the usual £150. I need space at home for new projects so will be taking as much of my stock as I can carry to the 2019 Clare Priory Craft Fair at Clare, and offering them for sale there at silly prices.

But I thought I would offer them online too to see if anyone knows anyone who might be interested. Please forward any friends who might be interested with a link, thank you to anyone that does do this. If I do manage to sell them via Folksy I can discount the others too (I wasn’t going to spend the time doing this if zero people were interested lol!). They will cost a fortune to post but I will take the hit as I seriously want the space…

Heidi xx

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I was also thinking of having a flash sale for a couple of items today…should we post our listings here in one thread if anyone else is doing it too? Or we can post them separately, I don’t mind!

Hi yes - feel free to add anything onto this thread! Would be good if a few others did it too! :slight_smile:

I’m having a flash sale for 3 items just this Sunday June 30. I would like to make room for new items…